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You know those “moments of truths”?

When what you hear, or come to realize, turns your world around. When one or several things turn out to be exactly what you needed to hear at the exact right time. Bo-boom.

For the past couple of years, I’ve had several ah-ha moments that have made my life better. Here are seven of those realizations. Some were harsh to come to terms with (like #1), while others brought me the greatest relief and hallelujah moment (like #7).

Read them, ponder them, and let them move in with you. See if they can alter your life and perhaps amp up your awe
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someness even more.

1. You’re 100 percent responsible for your life.

First time I heard this I got a tiny bit uncomfortable, to say the least. Did that mean I had to take responsibility for everything? Even areas in my life where I had felt mistreated, misunderstood, and clearly had my reasons as to why things weren’t ideal? Like my financial situation and why I wasn’t working with something I love.

At first, I didn’t like the idea of taking full responsibility for everything. But, then it hit me: If I want to own the solution, I have to first own the problem. This doesn’t mean that what someone else did to us was okay; it just means that we accept what happened (because, let’s face it, it did happen) and then take responsibility for how we let it affect our life onward.

We can’t change a situation in our life that we don’t take full responsibility for, because that means that the power sits with someone or something else. Excuses, blames, and reasons might cushy-comfort us for a while, but it won’t change the game.

Try this: Look at one area of your life that you’re not fully satisfied with. Then, choose to take 100 percent responsibility for it, no matter what has happened or how things are now. (If you find it difficult to start, just imagine that you do it for two minutes).

Taking responsibility means taking your power back to where it belongs: to you.

2. The thing that annoys you about others is a reflection of you.

What really pisses you off about others? What frustrates you and makes you go through the roof? Yeah, that’s all a mirror of you.

Realizing this for me gave me so many ah-ha moments (after I passed my denial phase). For example, I was frustrated with one person who always interrupted me and others. Why wasn’t she capable of listening? Why did she always have to interrupt people half way through?

As you might have guessed, this was also something I did. (Now I’m aware, so hopefully I don’t do it as much anymore.) Realizing this was powerful. Not only could I reveal sides of myself I wanted to work on, it also allowed me to practice compassion instead of judgment with others' behavior. Win-win!

Look at things that annoy you about others and then turn the focus toward yourself. What’s the message here? How can you grow and develop from it?

3. What you admire about others is a quality you long to express.

Here’s a simple exercise that can reveal some pretty cool things about yourself. Who do you admire? What qualities in them do you look up to?

What you admire in others—or perhaps secretly envy—is also a mirror. It shows what qualities or desires that longs to be expressed in you.

If you admire Oprah’s way of connecting with people, know that you also have that ability. If you admire Richard Branson’s bravery and positive outlook on life, know that these also exist within you.

I always get really inspired when I see someone talking in front of other people, while looking really relaxed. So, I figured that this was a side of myself that wanted to play out more.

Since then, a friend and I started organizing workshops in Stockholm so we could practice speaking in front of others. Now, those events are a place to meet and connect with others who also wants to grow, learn, and create their ideal life.

Think about someone you look up to and become specific in terms of what you love about them. Then see if you’re currently expressing this quality. If not, what can you do to start expressing it more? Take small steps forward to play with those qualities.

4. You can’t drive out darkness with darkness.

In today’s world we’re constantly exposed to attacks, shootings, and other tragedies. It’s everywhere—in the newspaper, on TV, and social media. We can’t ignore it, but what we can do it decide how to deal with it.

Either we can react to these situations with the first impulse that comes up, or choose to consciously respond to them. Those are our two options. But, here’s the thing: We cannot react to frustrating, fearful, or stressful situations with frustration, fear, and stress and expect a position outcome.

If we’ve learned one thing throughout history it’s this: War feeds more war. Anger triggers more anger. Fear leads to more fear. Simply, we cannot drive out darkness with darkness—only light can do that.

This applies to all situations, big and small. So, next time someone cuts you in traffic or arrives late, try to step into their shoes. Maybe they were in a hurry. Maybe their partner had just broken up with them. Maybe they’re having a really crappy day.

Or next time you hear about a terrorist attack, send love to those affected, and love in action by helping in whatever small way you can. After you’ve processed what happened, try to even send healing energy to the person who did it. Who knows what this person has gone through, or what their mental state is like? Who knows his pain, threats, and beliefs about this world?

Hate, anger, and resentment only create separation between us and others. They don’t lead to a better world; they lead to more pain for one person in particular: yourself.

What we all need right now isn’t greater separation; it’s greater connection. So focus on giving light where there’s darkness. Simply, put love where you can’t find it.

5. People are always doing the best they can.

Now, you might not agree here, but stay with me. What if everyone, including the most greedy, hurtful, and ill-tempered people on this planet, are doing their best at all times? That is, based on their experience, mood, and beliefs.

If this statement is true or not, we’ll never know. But, acting like it is will save you time, energy, and frustration. Maybe the slow waitress has severe sleeping problems. Maybe the guy who’s not meeting his deadline has family issues. Maybe the criminal had parents with drug problems and the only way he got attention was by breaking rules and causing pain.

We never know what someone else is going through. We never know their thoughts, experiences, or what caused them to do something. All we can know is that if we were in their shoes, we might do the same.

Replace judgment with curiosity. Use your empathy and try to imagine life as the other person. Just for a while, be them, act like them, and think like them. Things tend to look completely different from another perspective.

6. You have to accept what you don’t like about your life to move forward.

Some things are hard to accept. Maybe it’s a situation, a limiting belief, or your own or someone else’s behavior.

For a long time I tried to ignore the fact that I didn’t like my job. I tried to numb my feelings by focusing on party weekends, alcohol, and friends. But, I was never able to create change by pushing away what I didn’t want. It just gave more power to the unwanted. Eventually, I had no other option but to accept what I felt. To realize that it was okay not to feel satisfied where I was.

Once I had accepted what was, I was able to change it. Then I could paint out an ideal situation and take small steps forward in that direction.

Work with what is—see things exactly as they are and then act.

7. You matter immensely.

You do. And knowing it to be true will make you a better person. You matter to those around you, to the society you live in, and to this world.

Not one person has the same set of interests, skills, and experience as you. Your talents, curiosities, and qualities aren’t random—I believe they were given to you for a reason.

Put them to use. Let the world see what you’re capable of. Let others take part of your gifts and caring. When you thrive, you give permission for others to do the same. Playing small or staying stuck in worries or fears serves no one.

Act, speak, and believe that you matter immensely—because you do.

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You’ve put months into getting to this point on your journey from idea to launch, and now, it’s time to do just that: LAUNCH!


You and I both know that to get to this point you’ve invested A LOT of time, energy, effort, frustrations… and when launch day hits, it’s go time.

But for us, launch day wasn’t a single event.

Starting way back in the Brainstorming and Planning phase, and throughout the Marketing phase, we always had in the back of our minds that launch day would last for 33 days: the same number of days as our Kickstarter campai
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In order to make that happen – to leverage the Kickstarter platform, to keep our audience engaged, to continue the momentum we were able to spark before the campaign even launched – we had to do a lot of preparation and planning.

Good news is, because you’ve been on this journey with us throughout Season 7, you already know every step we took – and the timeline we followed.

What happened on launch day

When January 4, 2016 arrived, we pulled out all the stops.

John woke up at 3:30am Pacific time to hit publish on a campaign that we’d be preparing over a year for. Within just four hours we had hit our first funding goal of $25k, which assured us we were off to an incredibly strong start!

That day the first Freedom-focused episode went live on Entrepreneurs On Fire and on The Freedom Journal podcast: it was an interview I hosted with John as my guest.

That day we also were able to watch as dozens of emails went out and hundreds of social media posts were shared by our supporters – remember, these are the friends who we made ‘the ask’ to (discussed in our Marketing phase).

Guest posts were going live, our press release was picked up, and news stations were featuring The Freedom Journal campaign throughout the day.

All the time, energy and effort spent preparing for this day was paying off – BIG TIME!

Not only were all of our marketing efforts coming together beautifully, but we were receiving dozens of emails from Fire Nation and other Freedom Journal supporters expressing their excitement for The Freedom Journal and the campaign as a whole.

So it turned out it wasn’t just us pulling out all the stops on launch day; Fire Nation did, too!

How we leverage our launch party

We closed out launch day strong with a launch party at a local co-working space, Co-mmunity, right near our home in San Diego.

This allowed us to invite our local supporters to help celebrate in person, and it also gave us some pretty cool marketing opportunities…

For example, anyone who attended the launch party was given the opportunity to either ‘up’ their pledge, or make a pledge for the first time right then and there.

The benefit of doing so?

Anyone who pledge at the 4-pack level or higher would receive a hardcover copy of The Freedom Journal right then and there. Those who took advantage were among the first to hold The Freedom Journal in their hands!

But like I said earlier, launch day wasn’t the only day we pulled out all the stops.

We continued pulling out all the stops for the entire 33 days.

Most of this is evidenced through studying our marketing campaign, which was carefully crafted for maximum impact throughout the 33 days of the Kickstarter campaign.

Other marketing strategies we used throughout the campaign

But a few strategies we used that weren’t necessarily planned are as follows:

Consistent updates being sent out to backers via the Kickstarter platform
The Up-pledge strategy (which I review in detail in this episode)
Consistent updates on the podcast
Launch day should be a huge event, but all the hard work you’ve put in up to this point should be leveraged throughout your entire launch campaign.

Whether that’s a few days, a couple of weeks, or 33 days, remember to be creative and test different things out! You never know what’s going to stick with YOUR audience.

The post S7E7: The Launch Phase appeared first on Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas.

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This is the 60th income report as part of the zero backlink experiment.

Every month I will publish a post like this one that shows you how this blog is progressing and everything I have done across the month to get it there.

These reports will help me track my own progress while teaching you what to do and more importantly what not to do.

What I Have Done In September

For me September was all about preparing for the JV launch of my product.

Every minute of every day was dedicated to that sole project and what a wild ride it was.

Content Creation

As I was focused on the product launch du
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ring September, I didn’t pay much attention to blog content.

In fact this month was the worst month ever in terms of total content published.

But don’t fret – I already have the next 6 weeks of content scheduled out and locked in to make up for that.

Quuu Promote Experiment Failure

You may have heard of Quuu before – basically you can either sign up to get hand reviewed content suggestions relevant to your niche to share on social media easily.

Or you can sign up to submit your post to be reviewed as a content suggestions which takes seconds to do.

So after submitting 9 posts to the platform, I started to see some very encouraging results-

According to Quuu across my 9 posts I have had a total of-

2,572 clicks
Incredible right!?

So knowing that the Quuu platform adds Google Analytics campaign tracking to the links, I jumped into Google Analytics.

I was excited!

But thats the the problem with expectation-

The reality is they sent 1 visit.

With 100% bounce rate.

And zero seconds on site.

So is Quuu just jacking peoples money and faking stats?

I would like to find out.

If you use Quuu promote please fill out this form.

Learning Video The Hard Way

Whilst preparing for the launch I ran into a huge amount of problems.

The main problem was not being properly prepared.

I wanted to re-record all of the launch videos and last time I did it with a GoPro and an iPad.

That worked great when I was filming outside but inside it was a different story and I very quickly learned the importance of lighting.

After many stressful days a friend came through and lent me some equipment-

After learning this lesson the hard way I am going to fly to the states later this month to pickup everything I need to build a full video studio.

Unfortunately I can’t just press a few buttons on Amazon and have it all show up here.

Re-recording the launch videos was very stressful and where I had planned for 3 days of work it ended up being 2 weeks of work.

But with that said, I am going to be producing much more video content in the future across the blog – stay tuned :)

Crunching The Numbers

So let’s get our hands dirty and see how the blog has actually performed this month.

Visitor Statistics

Last month traffic dropped to 56,457 (1,821/day) but this month it jumped to 72,072 (2,402/day) largely due to increased Facebook spend.

Most Popular Content

I really slacked off on content production this month.

The content piece that stole the show was actually a post I was using to generate leads for the launch, but I have removed that now.

So technically that means the guide to making money with Fiverr stole the top spot again!

Closely followed by my awesome guide to choose the best WordPress theme for you.

Top Traffic Sources

Not much has changed in traffic sources with a good mix of traffic coming from Google organic and social sources.

An interesting note, I saw a huge leap in YouTube traffic the past months AFTER deleting YouTube Cards I had previously setup.

Search Engine Traffic

Last month search increased slightly to 44,121 (1,423/day) which has continued to increase this month to 43,483 (1,449/day).

YouTube Views

I lost all of my historical YouTube views because of changes I made to the branding – so I keep track of them separately.

YouTube views decreased from 13,746 to 12,346 this month.

Total minutes watch also dropped to 53,661!

Social Shares

I am having a problem with Google+ data today, I will come back and update this section.

This month the total social shares across Facebook and Google+ increased from 83,925 to 85,635.

Google+ – 27,673 (27,307 last month)
Facebook – 57,962 (56,618 last month)

The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.

There are now a total of 131,550 subscribers across all of the various channels compared to last months 130,333!

E-mail – 8,207 (790 last month) / Total: 62,955
Twitter – 320 (190 last month) / Total: 16,884
YouTube – 184 (96 last month) / Total: 15,051
Facebook – 3,684 (177 last month) / Total: 30,668
Google+ – -4 (-10 last month) / Total: 17,823
RSS – 7 (-26 last month) / Total: 567
Unable to post graphs at the moment – will update asap

Income Report

Here are the numbers you really want to see-

Affiliate Earnings


Consultation Earnings

I separate out the consultation earnings from the affiliate earnings. The blog drives affiliate sales directly and whilst it does generate consultation leads these are separate projects in their own right.

This month I didn’t taken on any consultation work so made a grand total of nothing!

Other Income

I’m working on another project right now that is part of the blog but not something I’m ready to talk about publicly yet or maybe ever.

I will declare the income here though as it wouldn’t be possible without the blog and ‘technically’ it is affiliate income.

Last month this was $12,929.53 which decreased a little to $12,177.37 this month.

Earnings Total

Affiliate Income – $14,614.57
Consultation Income – $00.00
Other Income – $12,177.37
Expenses – $2,752.06
Grand Total: $24,039.88 / £18,183.77 ($23,409.06 / £18,069.45 last month)

Unable to post graphs at the moment – will update asap

Signing Off

While September was all about preparing and promoting my product launch, October is about sales.

The first couple of weeks will be focused on driving sales and also supporting new students as this is the “hand holding” period.

The final two weeks I intend to take a bit of time for myself and start building out a framework to begin growing a team to drive the blog.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported the blog over the years – you guys are amazing!

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