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Millie Bobby Brown raps a wrap-up of Period 1 of Complete Stranger Things. Lyrics below:

Let's return to Indiana, circa Nineteen Eighty-Three
Simply 4 children in the cellar chillin' playin' D&D
There was Lucas there was Willy Will and also Dustin, there was Mike
One evening Will goes missing out on while he's riding on his bike-- yikes!

When they fulfilled me Elev, that's
I had no hair on my head
I had been so close to dead
Thanks To Dr. Brenner that's huntin' me twenty-four sev

Joyce was hanging Christmas lights in the web
Started hearing somethi
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ng Willy had actually stated
This might be a message from the past
What took place to Barb? She's simply gone in the Upside Down

Hopper's on top of the instance
I'm tossing vans into area
I'm existing down in a storage tank
Attempting my ideal to discover Willy as well as Dustin's obtained pudding for days

Demogorgon's getting' done in my method
Blast him to items simply like a grenade
Will's currently in the house coughin' slugs in the sink
What occurred to me? I'm in the Upside Down

Just what about now? The saga continues, song in to see just how
Upside-down. Exactly what around now? The saga continues, tune in to see just how

All I require is my Eggo waffles, I love those
What I'm entrusted when I utilize my powers is a bloody nose
Trouble when you see that bloody nose
Problem when you see that bloody nose

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Millie Bobby Brown Raps a Stranger Things Season 1 Recap.
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By the time it was all said and done, more than 3,000 people contributed to his beer fund.
While people will no doubt try to replicate Crowders success in the coming weeks, were not suggesting you do the same. This was a one-time deal that will quickly fizzle out.
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4. Sell shoelaces.
This may sound totally random, but billionaire Mark Cuban swears that any student can make more than minimum wage by selling shoelaces.
I guarantee you that if you go to the parking lot of any high school or college football game with a bunch of shoelaces in team colors that you bought for two bucks a pop, and put up a sign and two chairs, you can make money,Cuban writes on his blog.
He continues, Go to wherever there are people in your community. Flea Market. Basketball Game. Dance recital. Wherever people who go to your school show up, you show up.
5. Find campus rep opportunities.
Heres perhaps the easiest and most effortless strategy of all: Find online clothing companies with Millennial customers and ask them aboutcampus representative opportunities.
A campus rep is simply someone who wears branded clothing around campus and vouches for the company. The brand sends you free apparel, you wear it and everyone is happy.
While free clothing may be the only thing you get, some may offer you a monthly stipend. Better yet, if you establish a solid reputation with the company, a job might be waiting for you after graduation.
The life of a college student is fun, but its also very busy.
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Thankfully, though, the internet makes side hustling convenient and easier than ever before.
Give some of these suggestions a try, and see if you can put a little change in your pockets.
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