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Juicing For Weight Loss: An Introduction
Juicing, mechanically removing the juice from fruits and vegetables just before you drink it, has a number of benefits. An important one is that, if it is done right, it can aid in weight loss.

Could the Green Tea Antioxidant EGCG Combat 10,000 Oxidative Hits a Day on Your Body?
Stress on our bodies is present everywhere. Common stresses include poor eating habits, exposure to pollution, chemicals, and pesticides in our food. Contact with bacteria, viruses, and other microbes is also a daily occurrence. Uncover why research shows that if you want
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to do something beneficial for your body, drink green tea every day.

How To Make Your Own Paleo Diet Snacks
Most people think that snack food is bad food but that doesn't have to be the case. Paleo Diet Snacks provides us with endless ways to snack well.

A Brief Word On Digestive Problems
There are a number of foods that promote healthy digestion. There are a number of bad food additives that encourage bad digestion. This covers a few of the basics on what is causing digestive problems and some cooking methods and foods that help aid in healthy digestion.

Bread Over Time: Why It Could Make You Sick
Bread has been a staple of our everyday diet for thousands of years. It is so tasty, packed with calories and filling, that many people cannot imagine how to live without bread. But recently, bread has been linked to many diseases: from celiac disease of the digestive tract to arthritis, heart disease and even cancer. Despite the fact that the ultimate form of bread intolerance, Celiac disease, is relatively rare (about 1 in 100 Americans), the milder but still dangerous form of celiac disease - gluten sensitivity - is relatively common. So it is not just a few Americans...it could be you!

Meat Substitutes for Vegetarians
Any person on any type of diet is going to be hungry from time to time. At this point, when your stomach is rumbling and your scavenging for food, most people are at their weakest. This is especially true when it is close to time for a big meal like lunch or dinner. These meals generally consist of a sizeable portion of meat for most people. In the case of the vegetarian there is a wide range of delicious foods for you to eat when you experience these hunger pangs. These include grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and meat substitutes.

5 Super Foods For More Energy
When it comes to foods for more energy brocc
Why You Need to Eat Well
What is healthy eating? This is a question that most people cannot provide a good answer to. Essentially, healthy eating is referred to as eating a balanced diet every day. It means that you give your body enough proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates apart from other types of foods. Seemingly healthy eating can have many definitions too. For instance we may say that healthy eating is eating food in their most natural state.

Essential Carbohydrates
Do you know that you can simply lose weight by consuming good carbohydrates? Many people who want to lose weight have
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been avoiding foods that are full of carbohydrates. This is not particularly healthy and does not I any way assist someone to lose weight in a healthy manner. You need to understand that in order for our brains to function better we need foods rich in carbohydrates. Just imagine working out everyday without a diet rich in carbohydrates.

Nutrition and Cooking: Becoming a Healthier Person - Eat What You Need, Not What Want
Exploring alternative healthy food options, practical ways to select healthy food, and Cooking on the Go - meals in 30 minutes or less. Sometimes eating healthy isn't easy, but there comes a time in your life (preferably sooner rather than later) when you realize you have to start eating healthier. This is what happened to me. In my journey to becoming healthier, I started by eliminating alcohol, sweets, saturated fats, white bread, and coffee from my diet as much as I could.

Tough To Get Nutrition
If you have recently changed your diet to have a more vegetarian focused menu you will soon find that there are some nutrients that are harder to get than others. These nutrients are important to give you energy and to help you fight disease.

Eat This, Not That!
I am sure you are like the rest of the US. Everyday you are bombarded with billboards and commercials- eat this, don't eat that, this is the BEST food for you; this is the WORST food for you.... So how do you know what to take to heart and what is just the next big advertising gimmick??

Nutrition and Fitness for Kids
Many people believe that kids burn off calories from the food that they eat, and stay fit naturally, simply by playing on the playground at school and spend time running around outside. Perhaps it may have been like this in the past. Obviously this is not the case any more.

Lets Talk About Fat
Do you know the difference between the "fats"?

Lose Weight And Get Fitter With More Water and Less Caffeine
Drinking water can really help your diet, health and fitness. Reducing caffeine intake to the morning can have a big effect too.

Just What The Doctor Ordered: Healthy Nutrition Tips
A nutritious diet is the foundation of good health, so it's very important to make sure that you know how to eat properly. Many of us assume we are eating a healthy diet, when really, we may be missing vital nutrients. This article will give you some great tips for ensuring that your diet is as healthy as possible
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How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of Vegetables
Veggies are universally understood to be the cornerstone of any healthy nutrition plan. At the same time, it can be quite difficult and confusing to know what vegetables to eat and what you are getting out of them. Eating a wide range of colors, cooking them properly, and finding exciting recipes will help you get all of the beneficial nutrition out of your food.

Fight Fat With Food! Healthy Eating Made Easy
Exercise alone is not enough to help you lose weight. Choosing the right foods will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Top 3 Things To Avoid If You Want To Grow Taller Naturally
Discover the top three things that you should avoid if you want to grow taller naturally. These are things that could seriously impair the progress you make in increasing your height.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
What to look for when trying to choose a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement. We see the term "pharmaceutical grade" thrown around a lot these days in nutritional supplement stores, but what does this really mean?

What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You About Cholesterol
Too much cholesterol can cause blood cholesterol levels to rise, which can increase the risk of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. In general, the higher the blood cholesterol level, the more likely it is that plaque will build up in the arteries causing heart disease.

What Is Carb Cycling
Carb Cycling is exactly as it sounds- cycling your carbs. You may remember the "low-carb" diet that was a national fad several years ago. People saw results, for a while at least.

Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea - A Healthy Marriage
This ancient couple makes a winning combination. These two trees likely originated in China and for thousands of years have been recognized separately for having medicinal properties. Rec
Benefits for Healthy Eating: Steps to Lower Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that occurs naturally in the body. The body needs a small amount of cholesterol to function, produce hormones, and make vitamin D. Too much cholesterol in the blood, also called LDL, can stick to the walls of arteries - this is called plaque. Plaque can narrow or block arteries, leading to heart disease and stroke.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Get You Going
Remember the speech "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" from you mom? Planning ahead and developing new habits wi
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ll not only improve your health, it will improve the health and productivity for your whole family. Looking for healthy breakfast ideas but hard to find them? Healthy breakfast ideas are galore you just need to know where to find them.

Trim Your Wallet While You Trim Your Waistline
One of the TOP reasons I hear from a lot of people for not eating healthy is that they can't afford it. What many people don't understand is that it costs MORE to eat pre-packaged, convenience foods than it does to eat whole foods. The problem is that because of our over-scheduled, busy lifestyles, time gets away from us leaving very little time for actual food preparation, leaving a lot of good food to waste away in the produce bins...

Good Fats, Bad Fats - Uncovering the Myths
Eating fats (lipids) used to be considered unhealthy as it could lead to high cholesterol in the bloodstream, arteriosclerosis and heart disease. It is now known that many fats keep us healthy and are an essential part of our diet. Only some fats are harmful. Monounsaturated fat reduces the levels of 'bad' lipoprotein and triglycerides in the bloodstream which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore we need to know the difference between good and bad fats so that we can make the right choices in our diet. Recent research has shown that eating a diet with a lot of fried food using olive oil (Mediterranean diet) does not cause the illnesses associated with a diet high in processed fatty foods. We need essential fatty acids but we need to know the best way to eat them and the best way to avoid the killer trans fats.

Controlling Blood Sugar Through Lifestyle Counseling And Healthy Diets
It is a big advantage for you to know how to control your blood sugar. A newspaper article that came out recently pointed to a new research study, which underscored the fact that "it may be benefici

Food for Fuel - Tips to Eat for Maximum Energy
Do you have low energy all the time? Tired and irritable? Gaining weight? Not sleeping? Have problems concentrating at work and having low productivity? Are you depressed? These are just some of the classic and most recognized symptoms of poor nutrition and not eating the proper foods to maximize your energy. Learn how to fuel your body for maximum results!

How to Be Healthy Every Day
At its best, good health isn't a come-from-behind kind of thing. You get better results by keeping your body armed and dang
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erous--at least to germs and viruses. Here's how.

Nutiva Coconut Oil
I presently use Nutiva Coconut Oil internally and externally. I am very pleased with the results. This particular brand is USDA Certified Organic and is very good quality. In doing research, this product has received a 4.8 out of a 5 star rating on Amazon. com. I enjoy consuming it and using it in place of many of my beauty products.

Why This Diet Works (And Others Fail!)
A simple guide to an effective diet. And why it will work for you, when other diets have failed.

How Is Pomegranate Good For Health?
Pomegranate is a fruit originating from the Middle East. It is used as folk medicine in many cultures. It is cultivated in many countries such as Japan, Afghanistan, Russia, India and China.

Consider Food Coaching for Healthy Eating Tips
For many people with busy schedules, one of the most important things that go by the wayside is a healthy eating plan. The food habits that busy professionals had in college do not translate well into the real world, and therefore these high-performing people may find themselves several pounds heavier than just 10 years ago, brought upon by a lifestyle of fast food, caffeine overload, and little exercise.

Important Eating Patterns If You Want To Grow Taller Naturally
Your diet has a major impact on how much you will grow taller naturally. That's why, in this article, we'll take a closer look at eating patterns that do the trick.

What Are The Benefits Of Glutathione?
Glutathione is an antioxidant. It was identified over a hundred years ago. But its benefits have become known only as recently within the last 30 years.

Unleash the Power of Resveratrol in Your Life
The market is replete with Resveratrol supplements these days. Marketers are capitalizing on the benefits offered by the element.

Resveratrol Aids In Weight Los

Seven of the Most Popular Antioxidant Fruits
Aside from herbs and vegetables, consumption of fresh fruits has been known to be the best way to keep our body naturally healthy and strong. Fresh fruits not only provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals but most importantly, they provide fibers and enzymes. Enzymes and fibers help our body to function properly in the process of absorption of nutrients.

Shift Work Snacks - How To Have Your Chocolate And Eat It Too!
When you work shift work it
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's really easy to snack on all sorts of junk food. If you're feeling fatigued all of the time you just want to grab the fastest source of food you can get yours hands on. And for most shift workers, this typical shift work diet falls into the 'very unhealthy' category.

Curbing Cravings Naturally
Do you ever ask yourself, "Why do I crave chocolate?" or "Why do I crave salty foods?" Your cravings might be telling you what nutrients your body may be lacking. This article explains how to curb your cravings naturally through the use of diet and supplementation. Feel like your dragging through the day or do you always want pizza? With the help of nutritional medicine you can fight back those cravings that can sometimes wreck your diet. Prescribe your own health and learn how to become a healthier happier you.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Eating Vegetables
Eating a healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in promoting a healthy heart. Adding fruits and vegetables in the diet proves to be an effective strategy in protecting and strengthening one's because of the nutritional value they provide. A good diet for the heart is composed of fruits and vegetables which contain essential nutrients that have the capacity to enhance heart health.

The Benefits Of Fish Oil: What Does Fish Oil Do?
For good reasons many people immediately think of 'snake oil' when they here the word 'nutritional supplements'. Unlike many other supplements, fish oil is actually scientifically proven to have positive effects on your health. Read this article to learn why many scientists recommend fish oil.

How To Get BPA Out Of Your Kitchen And Out Your Bloodstream
Why is glass so important? BPA, (found in most plastic containers) is also known as bis-phenol A, is a toxic ingredient that mimics estrogen in your body. Estrogen mimicking compounds are known to increase the ris
What You Need to Know About Your High Cholesterol Diet
Many people have a high cholesterol diet and don't even know it. With easy and subtle changes to your diet, you can find peace in having low cholesterol. Find out how.

Benefits of Kale and Why It Is a Superfood
Kale, belonging to the cabbage family, is a fall/winter green. It makes it in the superfood category for its many health benefits. You will learn everything you need to know about kale including benefits, nutrition facts as well as some easy and simple ways to incorporate this superfood in your weekly diet.

The Ov
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erwhelming Importance Of Your Diet
One of the biggest problems that I've seen over the years in working with thousands of clients is that although you can tell people to eat this type of food because it's healthy or to not eat that because it's not healthy... it doesn't usually affect their decisions, and they will still give in and choose junk foods that they know are going directly against their goal. So why is it so hard for people to actively choose to eat right? I recently figured out why I personally have no problem avoiding junk foods... and in fact, the thought of junk foods almost makes me feel sick.

My Favorite Foods To Speed Up Metabolism
There are no quick short cuts to shred pounds gained over years in a day or two. However, there are ways to lose weight in a natural way. Eating certain foods can also help a great deal in losing weight. These foods can speed up your metabolism, thereby reducing the total amount of fat in your body.

Finding The Right Salt Substitute And Why It's Important
Finding the right salt substitute for your diet can be very challenging if you have certain aversions to potassium chloride, which is what most salt substitutes use. Not everybody will react well to salt substitutes with this or other ingredients, and so it is important, in order to find the right product, that you first consult with your doctor over medical history. Doctors know what is best for keeping the blood pressure low, and they also have access to your full medical history.

The Best Supplements for Type B's
Maybe you are familiar with the Blood Type Diet; it is a very effective diet based on every individual's blood type, and each of these have a distinct tendency to certain nutrients. This means that each person can follow the diet plan that has been recommended for his or her type, and experience all the health and weight loss benefit
Exercise Your Nutritional Muscle!
If you ask someone whether or not they think exercise and nutrition is important they will undoubtedly reply, "Yes." When asking what types of exercise they partake in or what nutritional guidance they seek you would think they had no idea the importance of exercise and nutrition. The sad reality is that most are extremely uneducated on the two most pertinent topics when it comes to their well-being.

Tender Coconut: Nature's Precious Gift
When one feels sapped off energy, dull, exhausted, stressed, or looks for something that can lift one
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's energy levels and one's sapping spirits, one goes first for having a glass of water with a mix of glucose or monosaccharide sugar. Most often, people are seen choosing to have soda water or artificial energy drinks that abound in the market. All of these drinks might give them instant relief from exhaustion or elevate their energy level. But, they are found to have potential side effects in the long run of their consumption. Should people have been fully aware of the benefits of the tender coconuts, they would have saved them from those potential side effects.

Things Parents Can Do To Improve Their Kid's Health
Health is wealth as the cliche goes. Parents are very conscious about their children's health and total well-being. Parents are aware that their kids are more prone to diseases because of their immature immune system.

Artificial Food Dyes: Reducing Poisons in Your Food
Society has become accustomed to believing that the bright colors in food equal better quality food. We need to re-train ourselves to look at the labels and not just how appealing the food looks based on the color especially when these dyes are linked to diseases and disorders like cancer and ADHD.

Juicers Reviews - What to Expect
In the recent months it has become evident that things go into store bought juices that we should not be drinking and that has led to many people looking for more natural ways to get juice. Of course you can go out and purchase a juice that says it is all natural, but you will not know whether or not that statement is true. You could wind up paying more for a juice that is not even actually a natural juice.

The Best Diet Is No Diet
You stand on the scale, and the reading determines if it's a good day or a bad day for you and all those around you. You get sick to your stomach when it's picture time and avoid having them taken at all cost. You b