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Bristol-based Tovi Sorga has joined the growing ranks of companies offering wearable payment solutions.

The company has launched leather contactless payment bracelets, which can be connected to any UK Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

The technology behind the fashion is bPay by Barclaycard. Each slim-line bracelet features bPay’s latest contactless flexi-chip that is seamlessly integrated into the design. The tiny chip is permanently embedded, which the makers state offers a more streamlined experience for the consumer, and with the same fr
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aud protection as a contactless bank card.

The chip works in exactly the same way as your contactless card would, so just requires a simple tap on the machine. It also works on the London Underground, and caps your spend exactly as an Oyster card would, so you won’t miss out on any savings.

Tovi Sorga’s high-definition bracelets printed on quality natural leather are available now from www.tovisorga.com, retailing from £55 to £120.

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An unproductive workplace means an unprofitable company. Productivity is necessary for any company to scale and dominate its respective industry. Employees who are productive are happy and help companies grow. When employees are not productive, they are not able to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Here are five tips for increasing productivity in the workplace which are sure to pay off:

1. Eliminating useless meetings
Despite having the best intentions, managers may be crippling their employ
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ees with meetings. Yes, cooperation and communication are needed for a company to succeed but meetings aren’t always the best way to get things done. Everyone has been in a meeting where time was wasted and nothing was accomplished. In fact, 91 percent of employees report daydreaming. As many as 39 percent have dozed off during a meeting while close to 50 percent of employees say that meetings are the top time waster in their workday.

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How can management solve the problem of useless meetings? It’s simple. Meetings should not be a lecture or a rant. It should be a way for members of teams to brainstorm and decide on a game plan they’ll execute to accomplish their goals and objectives. To keep meetings efficient and not waste valuable time, only invite the people who need to be there. If large data reports need to be shared with the entire company, send the information via email. Remember that meetings aren’t always necessary.

2. Leverage modern technology
It’s tough for employees to feel innovative when they’re using tech that’s 15 years behind the times. In most cases, old tech no longer gets the job done. Companies will be able to increase a greater level of productivity by using modern software solutions that will help them with everything from project management to email marketing.

3. Delegate
One way productivity can be greatly increased is by teaching managers how to delegate. It’s true that it can be easier at times for managers to accomplish tasks on their own but they’re hired to manage and make strategic decisions. Learning to delegate will help leadership put an end to micromanagement.

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When managers delegate, they are able to give employees a sense of autonomy which will in turn help employees feel more empowered and involved. Delegating responsibility helps develop trust. Delegation also helps everyone focus on their strengths and individual responsibilities.

4. Reward and recognize
No one wants to put forth their best effort when they won’t be compensated for their hard work. It’s important for company decision makers to know what motivates their employees. If employees are motivated by team dinners when hitting milestones in a project then use team dinners. If employees are motivated by paid leave on a quarterly basis, companies should make it happen. Companies who understand and apply this concept will have positive reviews, like this example of NuSkin company reviews.

5. Organized workflow
A lot of time and money can be saved with a system in place to track employee responsibilities and workloads. Productivity is hampered when managers aren’t aware of what their employees can handle and what each employee is working on. Workflow organization will help all team members be on the same page and operate cohesively.


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Twitter became slightly more tolerable when a group of mascots started a wholesome thread hyping each other up. 

Mascots don't get enough credit — inside every massive costume, there's a human being working hard to make money. 

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User @iPurrple tweeted a mirror selfie on Tuesday  wearing the Baskin-Robbins mascot costume at work, captioning it, "Wake up hustlers, let's get this bread. No days off.&q
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Wake up hustlers, let’s get this bread. No days off pic.twitter.com/eCUrJbpa9g

— Jay (@iPurrple) July 31, 2018

His tweet, which he insists "isn't even best work," blew up overnight, getting reposted on Diplo's Instagram story and rising to the front page of Reddit.  Read more...
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