On-property emails may be the most underutilized form of guest communication. All too often we hear that hotels aren’t taking advantage of this important opportunity to welcome guests with a personalized email message.

Since on-property emails are sent the day of arrival, you’re able to set the tone for your guest’s stay and ensure it’s off to the best possible start.

Here are the top tips I share with my customers to help optimize their welcome emails, beyond sending one to begin wi
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1. Images of your hotel and facilities
An email is a reflection of your hotel, so of course, you want it to look amazing. Including a few beautiful images of your hotel and/or its facilities in the email will get guests excited about their stay and what’s to come.

One thing to keep in mind with images is to avoid using pictures of guestrooms. Remember, the guest is already on-property so there is no reason to sell them on your inventory. Also, you don’t want to be in a situation where a guest is troubled by the fact that the room in the email is a lot nicer than the one they are currently staying in.

Take a look at an example below from the Down Hall Hotel & Spa. It opens with an alluring image of their property and gives guests a preview of their dining options.

2. Keep it short
By keeping it short, you’re making it easy for guests to consume only the relevant information they need.

Stick to this on-property email checklist so you’re not adding any extra fluff:

Set the tone for a memorable stay (“At Your Service”)
Encourage engagement through an exclusive offer or call-to-action (“Explore”)
Wish the guest a great stay and provide contact information should they need anything (“Here to Help”)

The Powerscout Hotel did a great job completing the on-property email checklist in the example below.


3. Personalization
Welcome your guest and make them feel special by using their name in the subject line and email body. To up the personalization factor, use guest data to ensure your promotions align with their interests.

For example, if a past guest is returning for another visit, ensure the email says “Welcome back.” This small detail will make all the difference because it shows guests you are paying attention and catering to them.

In the example below, Hotel Murano personalizes their on-property email not only by addressing the guest, but also signing off with a staff’s name.


4. Include an exclusive offer
What’s better than starting off a vacation by saving money? By sharing exclusive offers and special discounts, you’re incentivizing guests to pay a visit to your restaurant, spa, and other amenities.

The Limerick Strand Hotel offered several dining specials and discounts at their restaurant and bar in the example below.


5. Promote events happening at your hotel
You are your hotel’s biggest fan, so transfer all that excitement to your guests. Talk about all the events going on at your hotel during their stay so guests have more reason to stay on-property.

The Serrano Hotel sent this email to all on-property guests to promote happy hour at their restaurant. It also includes a plug for their weekend brunch and a restaurant voucher offer when guests choose to ‘go green’ by opting out of housekeeping services.


6. Endorse the destination
In addition to what’s happening at your hotel, provide resources for events and activities taking place in the city where you are located. Many things contribute to the overall guest experience, and the city is a big reason why guests visit.

Clink Hostels does a great job encouraging guests to explore the city. They link to city guides that share Amsterdam’s hottest spots and events happening at the hotel.


7. Promote upsells and upgrades
Last but not least, you should treat this email as an opportunity to drive additional revenue. Promote upsells that will enhance this particular guest’s experience and encourage a late check-out to stretch their vacation just a little longer, like this example from Serrano Hotel to all on-property guests:


Don’t miss out! On-property emails are one of the easiest yet underutilized ways to set the tone for a memorable guest stay. Details matter and Revinate is here to help so contact us today. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to converting your customers into loyal guests.

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Some people are cat lovers and others think that cats want to steal their souls and prefer the company of dogs. No matter which one of these sides you fall on, everyone can agree that

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All three original female leads are said to be joining the sequel
Hold on to your rat poison folks; the cult classic 1980’s movie 9 to 5 is officially being made into a sequel and all three powerhouses — Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton have signed on to be in it because, dammit, we deserve this right now.

For those of you who haven’t seen this classic (please, for the love of god stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately), the three legends all play secretari
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es working for smarmy Mr. Franklin Hart (played by Dabney Coleman), their egotistical, lying, slime-ball boss. While he sexually harasses Miss Doralee Rhodes (Parton), the trio continuously get overlooked for promotions, have their ideas passed off by men, and get degraded and humiliated on the daily.

Weird, that doesn’t sound familiar at all.

After a particularly bad day, they find themselves drunk and high, plotting Coleman’s demise, which is made easier when Fonda accidentally fills Coleman’s coffee with rat poison and they end up having to kidnap him to save their asses.

While they consider their options, they end up running the office in his absence and implementing things like flexible schedules, a job-share program, an on-site daycare center, oh, and equal pay. Through it all they whip out some of the best one-liners in the history of film and manage to squeeze in the most eloquent use of the phrase “piss off,” ever.

Fonda said she will serve as the film’s executive producer, as well as appear in it, to what extent it’s not yet clear, but my vote would be every scene, please. “My involvement is an executive producer and together with Lily, we’re working with the writers,” Fonda told reporters at a Television Critics Association press tour. “Right now, Dolly, Lily and I are all intending to be in it,” People reports.

The plan for the upcoming sequel will center around the #Metoo movement and the continued issues women face in the workplace. “If the film doesn’t do that,” Fonda told Variety, “I’m not going to be in it.”

The 80-year-old actress and philanthropist also said she believes the situation is even worse today than what women faced 30 years ago because many companies outsource employees and hire independent workers, making it even harder for women to come forward. “Today, a lot of the workforce hired by an outside company, so if there’s a problem, who do you complain to? Who do you fight with?” she said.

With three forces of nature like Fonda, Tomlin, and Parton, this is one sequel that’s bound to be as good as the original. We can’t wait.

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Anti glare display, TPM chip for bit locker security
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Operating System - W10
HDD Capacity - 1 TB HDD
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Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixel, English Backlit Keyboard
Warranty - One Year from Dell India
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Magac is a Somalian national who is living in Nairobi, Kenya. Magac fled to Kenya from Somalia in 2007 due to armed conflict, ongoing treat of terrorist attack and kidnapping.

The sponsor, Aaden who is an Australian citizen and is of Somalis descent. In 2014, Aaden travelled to Nairobi to visit his relatives and that was the first time Aaden met Magac. Aaden and Magac are both in their twenties and were at suitable marriage age.

Their relatives suggested them to get married and spent some time getting to
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know each other while  Aaden in Nairobi.

The two felt they got along and could communicate well and they continued to talk when Aaden returned to Australia. After a couple of months, Aaden travelled to Nairobi again to meet with Magac and arranged for both parents to meet so they could discuss about marriage.

The couple eventually married in Kenya under a traditional Islamic wedding ceremony. Due to work commitment and visa issues, the married couple could not live together. Aaden travelled to Kenya two to three times a year to visit Magac.

Due to the fact that Magac is a refugee in Kenya and there was a lot of restriction in getting official documents. Magac applied for a Kenyan police clearance with the help of a local resident and it turned out the police clearance she received was a bogus document.

The application was at the urged of getting refused, but our migration agent always advocate for the clients and wrote a detailed submission in respond to natural justice.

Our agent also made contact to local commissioner of Refugee Affairs to find out how the applicant could get the required documentation. It was a difficult process, but we did not give up on the client.

After a long 18 months, Magac’s visa was finally granted and the couple couldn’t be happier. At ACM we are proud to say we have always thrive to advocate for our clients in all circumstances.

Processing time: 18 months

27.03.2017, Lodged Subclass 309 Visa Application

07.08.2018, Subclass 309 Visa Approval
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