On this video today I want to show you a YouTube shorts monetization trick that Can make you over ten thousand dollars a Month by putting up YouTube shorts and I'm going to show you how to make money With YouTube shorts using this site over Here called canva.com to create these Videos absolutely for free without even Showing your face if you don't want to Or using your own voice you see we know That YouTube shorts and short content in General is absolutely blowing up at the Moment with channels getting millions of Views very very quickly but the question Remains how do you monetize your YouTube Shorts how do you get these shorts Monetized so that you're making money Even before you are accepted into the YouTube shorts monetization program Because as you know from the 1st of February this year in 2023 you can now Monetize your YouTube shorts through ad Revenue you just need to make sure that You get your 1 000 subscribers and your 10 million valid public short views in 90 days time and you also need to make Sure that you adhere to the YouTube Partner program policy of creating Content and I'm going to let you know How you can do that on this video to Ensure that your channel gets monetized So the first thing that you need to do Is you need to come over to this site Called canva.com and you need to create

An account for yourself once you create An account for yourself you will be able To come over here where it says videos Once you click onto videos you'll be Able to create videos that are tailored For vertical content short content that You can put up onto YouTube shorts Instagram reels Facebook reels Tick Tock Potentially even Twitter and even Pinterest and the sizing for that is 1080 by 1920. once you have created your Account from there what we need to do is Find a product that we can promote now Before I show you that what you also Need to understand is that with canva it Is absolutely free but there is a paid Premium version which costs around ten Dollars now that's completely up to you You don't need that to first start off But when you do start making some money I recommend that you invest back into Your business and get the premium Version because it has so much more Videos and content that you can use I'll Have a link to canva in the description Of my video or you can just search it on Google just go to canva.com now what you Want to do is you want to come over to This site over here called Gearbest.com This is an amazing site Where you can fin