What's the Difference Between Machines and Free-Weights?Whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned lifter a common question that people have is: "what's the difference between machines and free weights" and in particular they want to know the benefit of both within their workouts. For those of you that are brand new to the fitness world, free weights are the dumbbells, cylindrical plates and bars that are around the majority of gyms, on racks and weight benches whereas machines are the large oddly shaped metal pieces of equipment. For anyone starting out I would strongly advise to start your fitness journey with machines.

Get Comfortable While You Exercise, Sit On a MachineThere are a plethora of machines at the gym. That doesn't mean you should be using them. Sitting on a machine renders a portion or your body obsolete. Build your body the right way with functional training that requires activation of more muscle groups. Find out why you should minimize your use of machines.

Why So Many People Like to Do Interval SprintingWorkouts are the most effective treatment for shedding extra fat and getting healthy. One of the most effective kinds of workout is interval sprinting. Many people implement sprinting especially when they are out of shape and want to reduce the extra fat from their body.

5 Fitness Myths That You Should Stop BelievingFinding information on fitness can be quite the task because new information is coming out every single day. With all these new "facts" it can be hard to sort out what to believe and what to not believe. We help clarify five of the biggest fitness myths that could be harming your health.

Some Benefits Of Regular Physical ActivityBecoming healthy and fit can be challenging. Regular exercise can greatly help.