This is a great car seat protector for dogs!
1. It keeps the dog hair (and occasional puke) off of my seats while still allowing me to seat belt my dogs in,
2. The hammock style makes it very easy for my 12 year old 70 lb lab mix to lay comfortably without fear of falling off the seat and onto the floor,
3. The hammock style also helps keep the chihuahua from leaning into the front and grabbing my drink or snack,
4. I can easily hide items in my car out of view on the floor of the backseats under the hammock,
5. It was SUPER easy to install. I highly recommend this product to all of my friends and family with pets.
The hammock style also helps keep the cat carriers from moving around and I think limiting the cats' view on trips to the vet helps keep their stress down a little.