Features: It is made of high quality materials,Soft hand feeling, no any harm to your baby's skin Lovely and Charming design available,Make your baby more lovely Anti-slip design keeps baby in safe Hook&Loop design makes it easy to take off Product information: Great gift to baby Gender:Girls Shoe upper material: PU Closure Type:Hook&loop Sole material:Rubber Style:Casual,Fashion,Party Package content:1 pair baby shoes(nIncluding shoes box) Note: Due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc,there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item If you have problem of the item, please contact us we will do our best to resolve the problem for you We suggest you choose a larger size,if your actual feet length is longer than the above feet length Size(CN) Inside Length Foot Length Recommended Age EU UK US 21 13.5CM/5.3" 13CM/5.1" 12-18Months 24 4.5 5.5 22 14CM/5.5" 13.5CM/5.3" 18-24Months 24.5 5 6 23 14.5CM/5.7" 14CM/5.5" 2-2.5Years 25 5.5 6.5 24 15CM/5.9" 14.5CM/5.7" 2.5-3Years 25.5 6 7 25 15.5CM/6.1" 15CM/5.9" 3-3.5Years 26 6.5 7.5 26 16CM/6.3" 15.5CM/6.1" 3.5-4Years 26.5 7 8 27 16.5CM/6.5" 16CM/6.3" 4-4.5Years 27 7.5 8.5 28 17CM/6.7" 16.5CM/6.5" 4.5-5Years 27.5 8 9 29 17.5CM/6.9" 17CM/6.7" 5-5.5Years 28 8.5 9.5 30 18CM/7.1" 17.5CM/6.9" 5.5-6Years 28.5 9 10 31 18.5CM/7.3" 18CM/7.1" 7Years 29 9.5 10.5 32 19CM/7.5" 18.5CM/7.3" 8Years 30 10 11 33 19.5CM/7.7" 19CM/7.5" 9Years 31 10.5 11.5 34 20CM/7.9" 19.5CM/7.7" 10Years 32 11 12 35 21CM/8.3" 20.5CM/8.1" 11Years 33 11.5 12.5 36 22CM/8.7" 21.5CM/8.5" 12Years 34 12 13 Size(CN):21 Inside Length:13.5CM/5.3" Foot Length:13CM/5.1" Recommended Age:12-18Months EU:24 UK:4.5 US:5.5 Size(CN):22 Inside Length:14CM/5.5" Foot Length:13.5CM/5.3" Recommended Age:18-24Months EU:24.5 UK:5 US:6 Size(CN):23 Inside Length:14.5CM/5.7" Foot Length:14CM/5.5" Recommended Age:2-2.5Years EU:25 UK:5.5 US:6.5 Size(CN):24 Inside Length:15CM/5.9" Foot Length:14.5CM/5.7" Recommended Age:2.5-3Years EU:25.5 UK:6 US:7 Size(CN):25 Inside Length:15.5CM/6.1" Foot Length:15CM/5.9" Recommended Age:3-3.5Years EU:26 UK:6.5 US:7.5 Size(CN):26 Inside Length:16CM/6.3" Foot Length:15.5CM/6.1" Recommended Age:3.5-4Years EU:26.5 UK:7 US:8 Size(CN):27 Inside Length:16.5CM/6.5" Foot Length:16CM/6.3" Recommended Age:4-4.5Years EU:27 UK:7.5 US:8.5 Size(CN):28 Inside Length:17CM/6.7" Foot Length:16.5CM/6.5" Recommended Age:4.5-5Years EU:27.5 UK:8 US:9 Size(CN):29 Inside Length:17.5CM/6.9" Foot Length:17CM/6.7" Recommended Age:5-5.5Years EU:28 UK:8.5 US:9.5 Size(CN):30 Inside Length:18CM/7.1" Foot Length:17.5CM/6.9" Recommended Age:5.5-6Years EU:28.5 UK:9 US:10 Size(CN):31 Inside Length:18.5CM/7.3" Foot Length:18CM/7.1" Recommended Age:7Years EU:29 UK:9.5 US:10.5 Size(CN):32 Inside Length:19CM/7.5" Foot Length:18.5CM/7.3" Recommended Age:8Years EU:30 UK:10 US:11 Size(CN):33 Inside Length:19.5CM/7.7" Foot Length:19CM/7.5" Recommended Age:9Years EU:31 UK:10.5 US:11.5 Size(CN):34 Inside Length:20CM/7.9" Foot Length:19.5CM/7.7" Recommended Age:10Years EU:32 UK:11 US:12 Size(CN):35 Inside Length:21CM/8.3" Foot Length:20.5CM/8.1" Recommended Age:11Years EU:33 UK:11.5 US:12.5 Size(CN):36 Inside Length:22CM/8.7" Foot Length:21.5CM/8.5" Recommended Age:12Years EU:34 UK:12 US:13