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+ Reduce or Eliminate Salt

During the first week of dieting you can lose as much as 8 - 10 pounds, depending on how much excess weight you carry around. This initial weight loss will come mostly from excess water in your system, which will disappear if you reduce or eliminate most salt from your meals. In subsequent weeks you should see a weight reduction of 1-2 pounds per week, by following a moderate diet.

+ Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Even if you are not a vegetarian, you can lose weight fast by eating as much raw vegetables as you like so you\'re comfortably full after your meals. Additionally, you can eat a moderate amount of lean meat and fish for your protein. You can eat raw fruit for dessert.

+Avoid Soft Drinks

If you can, avoid soft drinks altogether, and drink as much water as you enjoy. Switching to water may seem unpleasant for a few days, but if you drink pure, filtered water you will soon begin to enjoy it. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly and steadily your excess body fat melts away.

If you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, you would be well advised to consult with your doctor. Be sure to avoid any extreme diets. You may be tempted to try a fast weight loss diet. If you do it, do so only for a short time to kick-start your weight loss.

+ Moderation in Your Dieting

To stay healthy and to be able to maintain your weight loss over time, you should aim for a moderate but steady weight loss. There are so many good, nutritious foods available that you don\'t need to resort to fast weight loss fads. They are not healthy anyway.

Select your food carefully and you will slim down while maintaining good nutrition. Losing a lot of weight, burning a lot of body fat isn\'t just about dieting. You can lose weight quickly through extreme diets, but in such cases you will most likely gain all the weight back again.
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