Malware, also known as malicious software, is a program that are used to crash mobile devices and computers, capture personal data, spy on users, and commit fraud.

Cyber thieves and hackers use different methods to install malware, which include spyware and viruses, on mobile devices and computers without the consent of the user.

Preventing malware from getting installed is the best way to combat this cybersecurity threat. Also, there are ways to detect the problem early in case cybercriminals manage to infect your system.

Tips to Keep Your Computer and Mobile Devices Safe From Malware

Update Your Computer’s Security
- Protect your mobile devices and computer using an anti-virus software or anti-malware software. Don’t forget to set up the firewall, too.
- Updates and patches of your security software, operating system, and browsers, should be downloaded automatically. So be sure that all of them are set to make automatic updates.
- You should never forget to back up your files on a regular basis.


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