Fall is one of the best time to go on a fishing trip. Fish are making the most out of the warm water and feed heavily so they could pack some pounds. Anglers are opportunists, too, searching for some quality fishing time, maybe with friends, and the fishing charter boat is one great and fun way to do this.

There are many anglers who return from charters. They target different species like walleye, freshwater drum, as well as white bass. Although several fishermen would like to cast for walleye, an excellent way to cover more water through trolling. Once the depth and speed is determined, a fishing charter boat captain would ensure to do the presentation again in order to maximize smiles and hook ups. It seems simple but there’s going to be a lot of trial and error, especially when it comes to setting up several rods.

Yellow perch are also tasty even if they’re smaller. They tend to be in massive schools and when located using electronics, could be caught by jigging on a vertical position using minnows, instead of trolling.