Hey, everyone's so good? Here's Dave2D. In this video we will talk about the laptop graphics card. buy. Now if you have an unlimited budget You can delete, for example, 3 or 4 or even 5000 Dollar game laptop 4K game features. its Awesome, but if you're like most people, You have a limited budget and you want to choose between some Cheaper game options. This video It's for you. So these are all The laptop graphics chip we will look at. If you Regarding the specification, you can pause the picture and check come out. There is a bit of confusion now.

Naming system, Nvidia abandoned This generation of laptop graphics chips. So, the last generation has one GTX 960M and 970 meters. These are 50 watts and 80 TDP video cards. and so, Watt count Heat energy, you need to dissipate From these chips. These are The 1050 GTX and GTX 1060 chips. This is also 50-watt and 80-layer chips. This is a bit confusing, so sometimes in the comments I will see people ask: "Why are you comparing With 1050 960M? Should compare with a 960M 1060" But this is just not case. This is 960M With 1050, this is just the way that Nvidia did it this year. Why your reason compares chips The wattage is higher because Watts, more cooling needs to be built Remove it from your laptop. you can not Put a 80-watt graphics chip into Laptop designed to cool a 50-watt chip Then you can't put a 50 watt chip To a laptop designed to cool 35 Tile chip, this does not work. Well, let's talk about graphics performance. If we observe the same benchmark program Fire Strike, Fire Strike 1.1, and Us Assume 960M is Like basic scores.

The GTX 1050 25% better at 970 meters The better is about 70%, The 1050ti is about 75% better, and GTX 1060 In a better way, it is like 2 and a half times. So, these scores don’t always translate The same percentage increase in the game Frame rate, but not too far away. Some light weight games started, Like Dota 2 in 1080 Hyperset. I haven't played this game before forever and always. And it is already running well at 960M, But if you have better visual quality later Or higher frame rate, these new cards Not bad. Next is Supervisor. Still a lighter weight game. This is on any of these cards In fact, most of my career supervision has been Flowers on the GTX 960M, But on newer cards, you can get some notable Better frame rate or image quality.

Doom, like new doom, Is boosted in hardware requirements and In 960M, this is really not Playable high settings you need Reduce resolution or graphics quality But for 1050ti you can get some real High graphics quality with smooth frame rate Battlefield 1 is a bit more demanding, Especially with multiplayer maps. Here we actually begin to see a drop in Frame rate. Even at 1050ti We cannot fully hit 60 frames High settings per second.

You need to Play breakthrough on GTX 1060 High graphics per second 60 frames The rise of Tomb Raider promotes all these chips It's hard. The GTX 1060 Will break the 60-frame high setting every second, But even so, it is approaching. It will touch Below 60 is quite frequent, and what I want to say is that This game is a bit of GTX 1050ti where Reached a really good image limit The quality is 1080 And finally, Wizard 3, I'm sure you People are sick, but it is a good one. Optimize the game and use your hardware. effective. This is a game of beasts This is not a pleasant experience unless you have some Pretty good hardware. In this case, The low-end card just doesn't cut it. If VR is your thing, the only Card, can handle VR easily, yes Formal VR ready for laptop The GTX 1060 1050ti is a bit of a skill. I tested some light games and it Drop too many frames, but its effect is not ideal In regards to video editing, there is a In a slightly improved rendering time, you get better GPU, but it's not great.

Improve performance more clearly High-resolution picture, want to go with 5K bloody lens. I don't know why it may be VRAM Related, but in general, video editing More CPU performance in Adobe rely. I want to talk about things in the past It's about pricing, and for many people This is the most important factor. a laptop Starting with the GTX 960M $ 700 a laptop With 1050 will start at about $800. A 970m device tends to $1000 or more. Use 1050ti for a laptop Will be around 900 and a notebook Start with GTX 1060 points around $1300.

So I do math... Well, this is very obvious. The signal with the best value It is GTX 1050ti. It doesn't mean that other things are bad values. This is just the current title playing 1080p resolution with 60 Hz On screen, this is a standard gaming laptop that likes yours On the screen, you get the best value there My guess is that you will get 2 even 3 year game is best at Frame rate, such as 60 frames per second or higher. With really good image quality and At this price it just..it is a very good response. This is a bit crazy you get this With this frame of image quality Interest rates and this price.

Its It's cool. Now there is the last thing! I gave up 2, laptops, the first is Dell Inspiron 7567. This has GTX 1050ti With I5. and The second laptop I gave up, there is a small one OK, MSI GS63. This is the GTX 1060. What I did commented on them both I would like the video downstairs In order to win them, I mean you should Subscribe and all this channel, but it's actually not Will be a YouTube game that will run it on my other social media.

Maybe on Twitter Maybe Instagram, in every possible. I do not have Set it down, but when this video Formally launched, maybe waiting like 2 or 3 days, you will see detailed positions My social media account for how to win them. So if you are interested in winning one or Yes, you can only win one and you can't win both. If you are interested in winning one of them Follow me there. This is the end of the video. Hope you like it it. Thumbs up, if you do it, substitute if you love it. I will see you guys next time!.
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