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Manufacturer's Description

Stanley Wonder Bar

Forged from tool steel and heat treated for extra toughness.

Bevelled edges assist operation.

Ideal for pulling nails, prying, lifting and scraping.

Bevelled nail slot at each end.

Size. 340 x 45mm.

Product Description:

The Stanley wonderbar is an extremely useful prying, nail pulling and levelling tool.
Heat treated for increased durability
Forged, high carbon steel for increased steel and durability
Contoured bar makes pulling nails, prying and lifting easier
Polished and bevelled cutting edges
Bevelled nail slot at both ends, excellent for pulling nails, lifting or pryingMade from heat treated, forged, high carbon steel
End has a high visibility powder coated finish and polished tips
Bevelled nail slots
Length: 340mm
Bevelled nail slots makes it more efficient for pulling nails, lifting or prying
Made from heat treated, forged, high carbon steel for strength and durability