It's Field of view, your weekly round up of virtual and augmented reality news, folks.

A damn quiet week when it comes to big VR and AR news after all the Magic Leap One commotion last week. So much so that we almost cancelled FOV but there's plenty of middle-sized news to catch up on. Starting with...

Read this: News hits
Sony has sold three million PlayStation VRs
Sploosh. Here we go. Sony says it's now sold three million PlayStation VRs in total and 21.9 million PSVR games and experiences. That might not sound a lot compared to say, iPhone sales, but for VR headsets it's well... a lot. Maybe it'll take a PlayStation VR 2 to go truly mainstream.

Sony also announced two new PlayStation VR games in the form of Creed: Rise to Glory, a boxing game coming on 25 September, and sci-fi FPS Evasion which lands 9 October. Both are up for pre-order now.

To celebrate, there's some deals running on the PlayStation Store till 28 August. Get up to a cool 20% off pre-order prices for games like Torn and Bow to Blood and 40% off selected games including Smashbox Arena and Pixel Force. Head here for the deals.

The top ten PSVR games so far
As well as the sales figures and the new games, Sony also announced the top ten most played PSVR games so far.

In 1-10 order: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR; PlayStation VR Worlds (which came bundled); Rec Room; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard; The Playroom VR; Job Simulator; Until Dawn: Rush of Blood; Batman: Arkham VR; Farpoint and Superhot VR.

Played any of those titles and loved/hated them? Let us know in the comments below.

Oculus Rift users can get Viveport subs
From 4 September, Rift owners will be able to access HTC's Viveport store and with it, the nifty 5 VR titles a month subscription too. There's 500 titles available via the subscription of $8.99 a month and devs can indicate whether their games are compatible with Oculus. Good news for Oculus users and good news for VR game devs too.

Microsoft is doing HoloLens demos in shopping malls
Now Magic Leap is bringing the fight to HoloLens, Microsoft is stepping up its game with demos in shopping malls in the US.

Decent AR headsets and goggles are still pretty hard to find so to be honest Microsoft should have started doing this well.. years ago as it's already got HTC Vives and whatnot in its retail stores. The Magic Leap One is destined for AT&T store demos too so it's AR versus AR and things could get nasty.

StarVR One does eye-tracking - for enterprise
Remember StarVR? Its back with a new VR headset with a 210 degree FOV and built-in eye tracking that means the headset can render images at high quality where your eyes are focused. The catch? It's for enterprise use for things like technician training and flight simulations. Still, it's good to give the HTC Vive Pro some decent competition.

Watch this: The Pull

Jaunt was one of the first real name in quality 360 video and VR and one of the latest vids on its platform (and YouTube) is The Pull. It's an experimental 360-degree video that's kinda like a music video without the music. Quba VR is playing around with what would happen if gravity got messed up a bit and we like it.

Play this: Titanic VR

Now on Steam and getting real nice reviews is Titanic VR, a diving sim/experience/game from Immersive VR Education. You can play as a maritime archaeologist who is exploring the shipwreck of the Titanic and there's also an option to play as a lifeboat survivor of the 1921 sinking. See what mood you're in.

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