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If you’re reading this eBook, then you’re well aware of the massive change social media has brought to the marketing industry. Nowadays, if you want to sell a product or service – you better be present online. However, as any good marketing strategist will tell you – online presence is just the start of things.
You’d want to be active in social media and elevate your status to that of an influencer.
Back in the day, only big name brands with billions of dollars can make themselves so visible it would be hard to ignore them.
Through social media however, the competition more or less evens out as you can make yourself noticeable through proper strategies.
By the end of this book, you should have a working outline on how to excel in social media marketing, specifically with powerful sites like Facebook and Instagram.
The book covers topics such as:
Chapter 1: Online Marketing - Why Do It?
Chapter 2: Start with social media marketing platforms
Chapter 3: 12 golden rules for online marketing
Chapter 4: How to build a brand
Chapter 5: Facebook online marketing
Chapter 6: Instagram Online Marketing
Chapter 7: Twitter, Pinterest and more
Chapter 8: Your digital marketing calendar
Chapter 9: Influencers and Google SEO
Chapter 10: Youtube

Here's what the readers write in the Italian version:

- Excellent Book !!
Peater P.
Excellent book. If you are looking for a practical and practical approach and an in-depth understanding of the powerful social tool, this is the book for you!

- Recommended !!
Giorgio B.
I literally read the book at once. It is well written and describes everything in a simple and direct way for an absolute beginner like me. I advise !!

- Excellent Book
Cliente Amazon
I think the book is a good learning tool for the basics for someone without experience. I understood how to make the most of the Social Media tool. Satisfied !
- Informative and useful!
I have read so many guides in the past. What I can say is that this is simple enough to understand. To make the most of online marketing, you need to really understand the basics and this book really helps you.

- Simple and easy. I love it.
I finally found a reading that made me understand how to use social networks to do marketing effectively !!

Sonya N.
I was really impressed by the topics covered in this book, completely different from the ones I had already read. I recommend !!

- Five stars !!
Villa O.
Good ideas and practical advice. Recommended !!

- Denise L.
Great book!
His book is actually a good read, I highly recommend it if you're starting or if you're just thinking about starting online marketing.

- Alfonso S.
Educational content
It's a great learning book on Online Marketing. A great informative book. Learning approach providing proven suggestions and passages. Recommended.

- Davide D.
Beautiful book
I really liked this book. This was a great beginner's book to teach you the basics of Online Marketing, and very useful examples, you should definitely buy if marketing is your goal. The author has done a great job in creating this guide. I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who needs this type of information.

- Giorgio
Excellent book for a beginner. Great value for a small price.
I'm new in Online Marketing. I learned the simple mechanism of the author, I had an excellent sales rate in the last two weeks.

- Daniele
Highly recommended
This book is full of useful information on Marketing. In this book you get useful tricks to make money with Online Marketing. I read this book and found it very useful. I will recommend this book.