Ayroll.ca - Selling Yourself - Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job http://ayroll.ca/News/selling-yourself--advanced-strategies-for-landing-your-dream-job/ http://www.blogging.blogs4all.co.uk/coverletters/selling-yourself-advanced-strategies-for-landing-your-dream-job/ buy now £5.38 Everyone knows that to get a job, you have to “sell yourself.” But why doesn’t anyone teach you the strategies that salesmen use? The case in point: why is it that everyone is trying to give you the answers to interview questions? Isn’t this a dumb strategy? Real salesmen don’t wait for prospects to ask them questions. Real salesmen ask the prospect the questions! They don’t g Read Moreet grilled in interviews about their favorite TV program, or “what makes them angry.” Obviously, in this book, you’ll get a quick introduction to the sales process so you can be successful at “selling yourself” to get the dream job you’ve always wanted. But in this book, you’ll get advanced strategies that even most salesmen don’t know. You’ll learn the skills and tactics of “Personality Marketing” to manipulate the situation for your advantage. You’ll see how each of the four different personality types makes decisions, and how to maneuver the conversation so that you are the obvious choice for the dream job. If you need a leg up on the other job candidates, then you need this groundbreaking book. It will really open your future up to that career you’ve always wanted, but that you may not have felt qualified to go after. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en