Ayroll.ca - Self-Publishing Simplified: A Fast Track Step By Step Guide To Easily Publishing A Successful Kindle Book By Tomorrow http://ayroll.ca/News/selfpublishing-simplified-a-fast-track-step-by-step-guide-to-easily-publishing-a-successful-kindle-book-by-tomorrow/ http://smm.blogs4all.co.uk/self-publishing-simplified-a-fast-track-step-by-step-guide-to-easily-publishing-a-successful-kindle-book-by-tomorrow/ buy now £2.28 Warning: This is a SHORT book on the absolute basics of publishing your book in less than 24 hours. Looking for a 300-page book on every detail of publishing? Wrong book. Instead, Self-Publishing Simplified seeks to give you every tool you actually need to get your book on Amazon quickly and selling on Kindle rapidly. But why rapid, 24-hour self-publishing? Are we advocating sl Read Moreoppy effort? Absolutely not. We are advocating EFFORT. Period. The biggest hindrance to publishing your book is not sloppy action, it’s no action. You can easily improve your book after it’s published, but never before it’s published. And that’s where 90% of potential Best-Selling authors get stuck. Frozen by the intimidating thought of the whole, complicated publishing process. Not anymore. In 30 minutes, learn everything you need to know to publish your book in 24 hours in Self-Publishing Simplified. Self-Publishing Simplified walks you easily through: Researching a Profitable Niche Mapping Out Chapters Adding Images Quickly Finding a low-cost, quality editor Finding a low-cost, quality Cover Graphic Design Formatting and Publishing on Amazon Effectively Marketing Your Book And More Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en