Be prepared, for next the few months, the launches are going to come and thick and fast. It started this week, and we still potentially have a new Apple Watch to look forward to, even more Wear smartwatches vying for a place on your wrist and maybe (just maybe) we might get a Pixel watch.

There's also IFA, the Berlin tech expo in August where we can expect more wearables to roll out too. So the key thing to take away from this, is maybe don't go spending your money just yet, because you might be disappointed when an upgrade is unveiled weeks later.

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In this instalment of Week in wearable we talk about a new wearable for the masses, one thats for the devs and one that might be very hard to get hold of. Plus, we've picked out some of the best reads from the site to look at after you've had your big wearable tech news fix.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is official

Yes, finally. The leaks have come to an end (until the Galaxy Watch 2 rumors kick off) and we have our new Samsung smartwatch. The Gear name is gone and so have the Classic and Frontier models we got with the Gear S3. In its place, a 46mm Frontier/Classic mash-up and a 42mm model that comes in a lovely rose gold.

Most of the changes lie in the software and Tizen 4.0 where we now get stress tracking, automatic sleep monitoring (take that Apple) and even more workout modes. We were at the big 9 August event in New York to check it out and got even more play time with the new watches in the UK. Have a read of our Samsung Galaxy Watch hands-on to find out if we're fans.

Magic Leap One lands (for devs)

While the Galaxy Watch is yet to go on sale, Magic Leap's hotly anticipated mixed reality headset is now available to buy. If you've got $2,295 lying around that you fancy spending to own one, you'll be one of the first to get your hands on the first piece of hardware from the startup. The outfit has some big name backers but has been very secretive about giving out details on the headset prior to launch. Some lucky people have managed try the new One headset and it's those reactions that are heavily discussed in this week's Charged Up by Sophie who asks: Is Magic Leap One just another set of AR glasses?
Xiaomi Hey+ fitness tracker unveiled

If you thought Xiaomi was all about the Mi Band, then you'd be wrong. Just a month after launching its feature-packed budget fitness tracker, Xiaomi has dished out another tracker that looks a lot like the Mi Band 3. But there are some differences.

The Hey+ packs a bigger display than the new Mi Band, has NFC onboard to use the wearable for paying for travel, a heart rate monitor, a waterproof design and will even control your smart home. The tracker is currently raising all of the money on Chinese crowdfunding site Youpin, which brings us to the bad news. The lack of details of an international release. This could be a Xiaomi wearable that gets optimised for other territories. We hope we're proved wrong because we can definitely get on board with a better Mi Band. Even if it is just a little bit more expensive.

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