Image: Marvel Comics When Sam Wilson was granted the title of Captain America from his longtime friend Steve Rogers during Marvel’s “Marvel NOW!” relaunch in 2015, it was only a matter of time before he would both go back to being the Falcon and get boosted to Cap in the MCU . Now that  Captain America 4 is on the horizon, Marvel’s comics would like to do what probably should’ve been done post-Secret Empire: rather than Sam going back to being the Falcon, he and Steve will just both be Captain America.
In the upcoming comic Captain America: Symbol of Truth by novelist Tochi Onyebuchi (Beasts Made of Night, Riot Baby) and comic book artist RB Silva (Powers of X), Sam will return to the mantle of Cap and once again be in the public eye. The public’s perception of Sam as Cap was part of Nick Spencer’s run with the character, and Onyebuchi told Entertainment Weekly how he believed it’s a well worth returning to. “There’s so many characters that have yet to interact with Sam as Captain America,” he explained, “dynamics we haven’t seen…What does it mean for the rest of the world to accept a Black Captain America?” Symbol of Truth is an fitting subtitle for the book, wherein Sam investigates a conspiracy that naturally involves uncovering secrets about America that its government would rather he didn’t. As a fan of globetrotting spy thrillers, Onyebuchi couldn’t pass up the chance to put Sam in such a plot. Since America has a history of shadowy politics, especially in regard to their foreign policies, he wanted to explore how Sam and his teammate Joaquin Torres (the second Falcon) would navigate that world in a different way from Steve. Image: Marvel Comics While Sam handles matters across the country, Steve’s book will be firmly rooted in America. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty from writing duo Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelley with art by Hellions’ Carmen Carnero will explore how much things have changed in the decades since his ice nap and subsequent return. As a member of the “Greatest Generation,” Kelly believed that it could be used as a great starting point for Steve to explore the “radical shift” in America, particularly in recent years. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent run explored this as well, and Lanzing acknowledged how they wanted to further continue that thread with co-star Bucky Barnes. “There’s a lot of inward-looking Steve has to do in terms of his legacy and himself,” Lanzing said, adding th