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Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to start your own business online. But the very ease of doing so is a double-edged sword, causing many would-be entrepreneurs to leap before they look to see if their business is going to be a profitable one.

One of the reasons the Internet has enabled people to be successful at making money online is niche marketing. Instead of spending a lot on TV, radio or magazine ads the way traditional businesses used to, the Internet allows marketers to get their message out free, or very cheaply by comparison and still reach a large audience.

Even better, the Internet allows you to reach a particular niche, that is, area of interest, such as organic gardening, Smartphones, golf, and more, to send targeted marketing messages to that audience, for higher conversions from browsers to buyers.

Best of all, the customers in a niche are often repeat buyers, purchasing a range of products and services related to the niche, such as books, courses, memberships, magazine subscriptions, live events, and more, many with quite high price tags.

One of the main reasons many online businesses FAIL is because they do not know their niche well enough to know if it is a profitable market or not. They jump into a niche because they are interested in or have heard it is a hot topic without doing the research needed to determine if it is a PAYING niche or not, with eager customers looking for real solutions that can help them achieve their goals.

In this guide, two top online niche marketers give you a really rapid formula to help determine if the niche you are interested in is a profitable one that will able to keep you in business long-term, and meet your financial goals, such as increasing your income, or even replacing the income from your current day job and going into business for yourself full time. Once you discover if it is paying niche or not, then you can begin to dig deeper into that niche.

But first you have to be certain the niche you want to go into is profitable enough to help you build a long-term, sustainable business you can keep earning from over and over again.

Use this guide as you niche research checklist for any niche you might wish to enter. You will discover:

+What niche marketing is
+Why niche marketing is such an effective way to make money
+20 niche research projects to determine if a niche is full of eager, paying customers, or a dud
+How to use the research projects in this guide to research any niche you are interested in entering
+How to use your niche research to lay the foundation for a sustainable business that will earn the kind of income goals you have set yourself.

Whether you are a new business owner just starting out, or one who has been online for a while but is tired of struggling to earn money, use this really rapid niche research formula to dig into your desired niche/s, and see just how profitable niche marketing online can be in a niche you can be certain will be a money maker once you research it.
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+What is a Niche?
+Action Steps

Chapter 1: Niche Marketing: The Basic Principles
+Effective Niche Marketing at Work
+Action Steps

Chapter 2: The Really Rapid Niche Research Formula


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Joan Mullally and Thomas Michaels are the authors of more than 80 guides designed to help new small business owners set up and run their own online business and achieve their goals by learning the skills they need to succeed.