How to Eat Healthy: Top 10 Tips For Healthy Eating and Natural Weight Loss
The saying "You are what you eat" or "Food is medicine" is so true. You can literally cure your existing ailments by changing your food habits. Here are our 10 tips for healthy eating.

Slow Down and Savor
When we were young, most of us have been told by our mothers, grandmothers, or meddling aunts not to woof down our food like it was going out of style. Mostly because this is bad table manners on par with chewing with your open or having your elbows on the table, however, there are other benefits of eating slowly that has nothing to do with being civil at the dinner table.

Balanced Diets: Their Role in Healthy Living
Does eating a balanced diet help you to maintain one's health? The right nutrients in the right balance can help you to stay healthy and energised. Find out more about nutrients that may be helpful for a balanced diet.

10 Tips to Make a Homemade Mouth-Watering Shake
To create a homemade protein shake is easy but making the best protein shake can be quite hard especially when you do not know what are you doing. You need to be more creative in making your protein shake so that it will have a great taste that you will never get tired of consuming. In this article, we give you 10 tips to make the best protein shake that you can imagine.

Grape Juice Diet - The Many Benefits of Green Grapes
Green grapes are often referred to as the "Queen of Fruits" because they are packed with many healthy ingredients including poly-phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Keep reading and you will discover some amazing benefits from them.

Improve Your Juicing Skills By Trying These Ideas
Juicing is a great alternative way to help you achieve the daily amount of fruits and vegetables your body needs. You take your choice of vegetables and fruits and transform them into a drink full of nutritious ingredients. In the following paragraphs, you'll find some suggestions that will help you get the most out of juicing.

Wheat of Ancestors Vs Modern Wheat Today
Today's wheat may look the same, taste the same but it has been altered by crossbreeding hybridization, and genetic modifications to create a more drought resistant, high yield hybrid, with lower production costs, and a more profitable return. Wheat of our ancestors is not the same as the wheat we are eating today and if you are wanting "good health" than you need to understand the