Furthermore, Europe's business financial institutions remain in awful shape - far even worse than America's. This year alone, European financial institutions need to pay 1.41 trillion US dollars in principal and passion, generally to shareholders. They don't have the cash as well as they can not obtain it from other financial institutions due to the fact that interbank lending has just about ran out. A number of them are already technically financially troubled. They are likewise over-exposed to arising markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and also Asia. Cars and truck repossessions are up 25% in Romania, as the members of a newly-minted course of consumers are unable to fulfill their responsibilities. Austrian, Greek, Swedish, and also German banks are subjected to default threats throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Consumers and also services in Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, as well as various other teetering economies owe Austrian banks $290 billion - almost the entire GDP of this nation! As neighborhood currencies depreciate, debts, denominated in forex, grow a lot more pricey to solution.