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The safety of your kids is one of the most important things in life. To ensure their safety at home, anything big or heavy should be safely placed and secure, especially your TV and large furniture. Perlegear anti-tip straps are here to protect your children and family from unexpected accidents and injuries.
ADD STABILITY TO YOUR TV & FURNITURE, SAFER FOR YOUR CHILDREN! Perlegear anti-tip straps securely ensure the stability of your TV and furniture, preventing your TV or heavy cabinet from tipping over and protecting your child from injuries. You will never need to worry about the safety of your child or granddaughter/grandson when playing near the TV.
ADJUSTABLE & HEAVY DUTY STRAPS Comes with an adjuster and a metal buckle, Perlegear anti-tip strap can be adjusted easily and securely as you desire. Made of durable nylon band, Perlegear heavy-duty straps can easily support up to 110lbs.

ï‚·Max Weight Capacity
ï‚·Adjustment range: 7.9 inch to 36.2 inch
Max Weight Capacity: 110lbs

ï‚·2 x anti-tip straps (A)
ï‚·2 x Screw M8 x 20mm (B)
ï‚·2 x Screw M8 x14mm (C)
ï‚·2 x Screw M6 x12mm (D)
ï‚·2 x Screw M4 x12mm (E)
ï‚·2 x Screw M8 x 45mm (F)
ï‚·4 x Screw M4x25mm (G)
ï‚·4 x Screw M4x40mm (H)
ï‚·4 x Washer (I)Stable TV straps, everything for safety, Perlegear TV safety straps are made of high quality nylon and can hold up to 200 kg.
Safety supplement for TV stands: suitable as a supplement to table TV stands and as well as cabinet and furniture. To protect children from tipping over injury. By using these seat belts, the risk of damage is avoided or reduced.
Multifunction and wide compatibility, aside from wide compatibility with different sizes of TV stand, it can also be used to prevent different types of household devices from tilting, such as cabinets, dressers, TV cabinets, bookshelves etc.
Easy installation: quick and easy installation. Different sizes of screws included are designed for different application scenes, universally suitable. Detailed information can also be found in the user manual step-by-step (English language not guaranteed).
Professional TV stand and mount solution, Perlegear is a company that focuses on solutions for TV desk stands and wall mounts.
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