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1080p Full HD Camera The Panasonic KX-HNC800EW monitors your home while you are away and sends live footage to your smartphone or tablet in Full HD quality, giving you peace of mind. This smart monitoring camera uses its fast-focusing lens for sharper image adjustment and the large sensor to capture 1080p Full HD footage even in low lighting. Your recorded video footage will appear in smooth movie-quality at 30 fps (frames per second). Providing wide angle views of 121 degrees horizontally and 142 degrees vertically, this camera provides excellent coverage in large rooms and spaces. This Panasonic camera comes with a manual sliding shutter you can use to cover the camera and microphone when monitoring is not necessary, once covered, both monitoring and the microphone are disabled. A notification is sent to your smartphone or tablet when the shutter has been closed, you can reactivate the monitoring and microphone functions if you need to, using two-way communication to ask the shutter to be opened.1080p Full HD recording (1920x1080 pixels) fast-focusing lens for shaper image adjustment and large sensor
Pre-Recording Advantage - commences 2 second before the camera detects motion
Wide Angle, Large Room View provides coverage in large rooms and spaces with its 121 degree horizontal, 142 degree diagonal wide-angle view
Privacy Protection - Manual sliding shutter to respect privacy
Works as Stand Alone IP Camera and with Panasonic Smart Home system