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The Science of life in advance New research in life soon is can have a positive influence on future of your child's health, especially the key days, from conception to toddlerhood. It is has been valued that no more than 20% of the future health of your baby thanks to its Ererbten Gene. Health For The Rest Of Your Life is largely affected by environmental factors, that you can control, with diet and what you eat, both during pregnancy and breastfeeding to play an important Rolle. Custom diet during the breastfeeding period can keep your child the best Ernährungsphysiologische early in life. Such as Züchtet your baby's development increase your Ernährungsphysiologischen needs. Inspired by the science of life in advance and the important role diet plays, and has Nutrimum a unique selection of delicious cereal and bars made with cereals, packed with natural nutrients enriched Key for supporting during the breastfeeding period. You will only receive one bar requires a day offers 10 nutrients key. 1 bar offers 10 Important Nutrients 200 mg Omega-3 (DHA) - contributes to the normal development of the brain and the eyes in Gestillten Infant Iron and Zinc - to a normal function of the immune system Vitamins B2, B6, and folic acid contribute to reduction of tiredness UK 10 mcg Vitamin D - just like as if it came from the foot healthsMinistry of recommended, suitable for all women during the nursing period & # x2020; & # x2020, Fsai recommend 5 mcg Iodine, at least 100% of the iodine needed, while the breastfeeding period Vitamin B1 and B7 (Biotin) - A that will help the normal functioning of the nervous system, you can try to? Nutrimum For Breastfeeding is available in Cranberry and chocolate bars from cereals and delicious honey & Nuts and berries crunchy muesli. In stock NUTRICIA science of life in the advance for more Discover the new science's early life and know how the decisions nutritional value and styleNutrimum Red Berries breastfeeding period made with cereals 5 x 40 g
Nutrimum Red Berries breas Tfee Ding Cereal Bar 5 x 40 g pack of 2
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