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By utilising this adjustable PC Computer stand, mud just isn't so prone to enter the system case inflicting clogged cooling vents and followers, in addition to increase a warmth insulating layer over elements that are then extra prone to overheat and degrade or fail. In the long run, this product gives you ensuing improved PC efficiency and lifelong in addition to improved mobility when required. The crossed design gives an additional robust development and due to the four swivel wheels / casters, 2 of which have brakes/locks, the put in laptop can nonetheless very simply be moved with out lifting for cleansing, having access to areas round or behind, and for altering positioning. The stand and PC Computer can then be resecured in any desired place by merely relocking the 2 wheels/casters with brakes/locks.MOBILE PC COMPUTER STAND / TROLLEY WITH LOCKING SWIVEL WHEELS
Colours: Black & White
Suitable for laptop instances from 15 cm to 26 cm
Including four swivel wheels/casters, 2 with brakes/locks
Allows simple repositioning of your laptop