Being the adventurous type, I bought a bottle of joint supplement containing Glucosamine HCl and Boswellia. To my surprise, it took away the needles and pins in about a week. I could kneel again. I was healed! When the bottle was finished, I stopped taking it to verify the supplement actually worked. After a week, the needles and pins returned. The glucosamine and boswellia helped but made my joints feel loose even slippery, so I wanted to try something else. A co-worker mentioned her friends husband couldnt function without MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) for his joints. I tried the MSM; it worked; and my joints felt more normal. I asked my orthopaedist about the MSM. Curiously, he responded Whats that? It surprised me that he wasnt aware of other supplements his patients might be taking to help with joint pain. Currently Im taking a supplement containing glucosamine and MSM (1500 mg each, one tablet per day). I can kneel and currently run about 10 miles a week. To date, the needles and pins have not returned. Several times I have landed hard on my knee and the resulting pain reminds me that the bone spurs are still there, waiting. Perhaps in the future I may need to up my dosage or try other products containing chondroitin to keep the bone spurs in check. Until then, Ill stick with what works for me.