Ayroll.ca - Innovation Cooling LLC IC Graphite Thermal Pad (40 X 40 mm) … http://ayroll.ca/News/innovation-cooling-llc-ic-graphite-thermal-pad-40-x-40-mm-hellip-2/ http://marketing.blogs4all.co.uk/innovation-cooling-llc-ic-graphite-thermal-pad-40-x-40-mm/ buy now £9.83 IC Graphite Thermal Pad is a thermal interface alternative to thermal paste for CPU's, GPU's and Game stations. This product features top tier thermal performance that is uniquely stable across a wide temperature range -200C to +400C and when used long term should last the life of most electronic components. IC Graphite is 100% pure graphite, non toxic this pad is a solid state modular solution no messy applications to clean, Read More no guessing if you have used the proper amount, just place pad and mount sink. Caution: IC Graphite is electrically conductive! Any contact with electrical components when the computer is turned on can permanently damage the components. Please ensure that the system is turned off during the application process and that no stray pieces are contacting any components before powering on the system.Extraordinary durability and stability Top tier thermal performance: 35W/m-k. Unmatched range of temperature operation: -200 C to +400C. Modular solid state Soulution: 100% Pure graphite contains no liquids so can not dryout, pump or bake out like a thermal paste. Reusable: Pad can be reused multiple times with no loss in performance. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en