If you've been waiting to cut the cord on your HTC Vive, good news: HTC has announced that the Vive Wireless Adapter will be available next month.

The basic wireless adapter will cost $299, however Vive Pro owners will an additional attachment costing $60, which comes with a special connection cable for the Vive Pro and foam padding. HTC says the adapter has a broadcast range of 6 meters and a 150-degree field of view from the sensors.
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HTC also promises "hours" of battery from the HTC QC 3.0 PowerBank, but doesn't get more specific (we've asked for some actual numbers). The company does say you'll be able to pick up more PowerBanks separately. Installation seems pretty simple: You'll need to download a PCI-e card, attach the sensor, and then simply live the wireless dream.

Pre-orders for the Vive Wireless Adapter begin 5 September from retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, Microsoft and, of course, Vive.com. Expect to get your hands on one from 24 September.
And if you can't wait that long, TPCast's wireless adapter is already available for the same price. You'll get 6 hours of battery life and support for a 2K resolution.
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