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Are you intimidated by the daunting task of building a website on your own? Are frustrated with trying to find the right information? Are you confused by the jargon that most guides use?

If so, then this simple guide is for you.

It starts from the very beginning, and carefully walks you through 10 detailed steps, that will eliminate the typical headaches and frustrations experienced by beginners.

As the title says, absolutely NO coding or design skills required. This guide provides almost 100 annotated screenshots that demonstrate exactly what you need to do at each step along the way.

In 10 simple steps, "How to Make a Website With WordPress" will teach you the following:

How to select and register the perfect domain name.
How to install WordPress with a few clicks of your mouse.
How to manage WordPress plugins that add features to your site.
How to publish and manage content as pages and posts on your site.
How to configure widgets in your sidebars that add functionality to your pages.
How to design a professional logo and implement a color scheme that supports your brand.
And so much more...

And perhaps the best part... other than purchasing a domain and hosting, you'll learn how to accomplish everything using free tools that can be easily accessed online.

In the end, this guide will ensure you can build a professional website that accurately represents you and your work, product, or service.