When you sell a Kindle book, it will be much more than just the topic and writing style that dictates its success. Also integral to your success will be the length of the book, the way it is presented and the marketing.
And here, presentation is far more important than most people realize. The right presentation will make your book look that much more professional and be that much more appealing to look at. It will instantly make it feel like a more premium product and will give more weight to whatever it is you’re saying. This colors the first impressions that your audience will have and it has a drastic impact on how likely your audience is to buy the full book once they’ve read the introduction.
So how do you add that kind of polish and finesse that will really sell your title? Let’s take a look…
1. Images.
One thing that can make a big difference to the success of your book is the inclusion of any images. If you include crisp, dynamic and professional looking photos in your book then it will make the page much more appealing to look at and it will help you to highlight and illustrate whatever it is that you’re saying. The important thing to recognize with your choice of imagery is that Kindle books are normally presented in black and white (though not always any more). This means that you will need to ensure that your photos can look good in color or black and white and to do that, you need to make sure they are well lit and full of contrast.
There are several different ways you can get hold of the images you want to use. Either you can take the photos yourself, or you can buy stock photos. You can also acquire stock imagery that has no copyright restrictions and this way you can get images quickly and free.
2. Headings and Paragraphs.
Also important is to split your book up into lots of sections. This will help to prevent it from looking like a single ‘wall of text’ on every page and will make it that much more approachable and readable as a result. At the same time, using large headings can help to draw attention to certain parts of the book and give it a more professional appeal.
Fortunately, you can use Word’s built in formatting options to apply this very easily. Use the Home tab and select ‘Styles’ to use different sized headers. This then also allows you to easily implement a range of other formatting tricks – the References tab for instance houses the ability to implement a menu based on the headers you’ve used, while you can use Design to change the entire layout and style of the book.
Likewise, you can use Insert to add page numbers and headers.
If you do all this and include great looking images at the same time, then your book will look professional and have a sheen that helps it to sell and that delivers more value to your readers.