Today we're gonna be discussing how long does it take to start seeing weight loss results now.

That is one of the number one questions I always get so that's what we're gonna discuss today and I'm gonna break it down into a timeline from week one to week four, so that way you know exactly what to expect on your weight loss journey stay tuned okay let's jump right into this step now I'm going to be talking to two types of people.

Number one, you may have just started an exercise program, and you're just curious about what expectations you should have, or you maybe a couple of weeks into a program.

You're just unsure about what you're doing is getting you the results, or you want to measure your progress against some timeline that's what I'm going to be doing in this article is breaking it down from week one to week four because that's a critical timeline within those four weeks and it gives you some prevalent markers that you should measure your progress up against

Starting week 1 is very exciting because you come out of the gate you start seeing the changes on the scale go down, meaning you know weight loss now I'm depending on where you start meaning you may have a lot of weight to lose or you may not have as much to lose you will see about 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss now some of that weight loss is going to come from water weight.

Still, then some of it is gonna come from body fat. During this first week, you may not see many changes in your body, meaning when you look in the mirror but what you will feel is your body feeling better because number one, you're putting some better food in your body.

Hence, the better few foods you have are the better fuel that your body has, so you're gonna start to feel better. You may even experience a little increase in energy, But those are the main things you're going to feel during week number one.

Okay, moving on to week two during the second week, that's when you will start to see some changes in your body and you will start to feel even better than you did on the first week.

Because the second week, the workout started to get a little bit easier okay it should still challenge you but you should be able to get through the workout a lot better than you did during the first week because the first week you're really sore now you've kind of waking up the muscles.

And you should start to get a little bit more efficient in your exercise and also this is a time when your body will start to make those chang


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