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RAY Black Heat - Heat Management System We bring smoking shisha to a new area!
- Only the best for a fair price!
- Suits best for Hookah bowls made of silicone with a diameter of 7,5cm
- Fast shipping and easy handling by Amazon Prime!

Dimensions: Height: 4cm Diameter: 7,5cm (for your hookah bowl)
Scope of delivery:
1x RAY "Black Heat" - Heat Management System for your Hookah

Manual Guide:
To guarantee the best smoking experience we recommend:
Our silicone Hookah Bowl (suits perfect for the Black Heat) 2-3 charcoals like in the pictures above. To start your Shisha session as fast as possible you can keep the heat regulator closed. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us. We will answer your question as soon as possible!
- We wish you a lot of good hookah - sessions - with your friends or even alone! -

✔ NO MORE ALUMINUM FOIL Start quick and without stress
✔ WAY TO NO WAITING Through the Shisha Heat Management System you can enjoy your shisha session as fast as possible!
✔ REGULATING THE HEAT With the Heat Regulator you can control how much heat you wanna have. And that's how you can control the amount of smoke!
✔ COMFORT Two Handles for the smoothest Shisha Experience!
✔ HIGH QUALITY Epic looking style that gives your hookah a cool look!