The Architecture Path: a long-distance hike for slow travel lovers

You may wonder how a typical day might be. It’s pretty relaxing, particularly if you walk in late Spring or Summer when the days are very long.

I’m not an early bird, and whenever possible, I like to take it say in the morning. Since the daily distance is not too long, and hiking time is never longer than 4 hours (but often shorter), there’s plenty of time to enjoy a healthy breakfast made of delicious local products. Weather permitting, I like to have it outside, on a terrace or a patio with a view of the mountains.

At lunchtime, you’ll be at least half way, if not even further, so you can have a break, a bite, and a stroll around in search of some beautiful examples of the typical Vorarlberg old and modern architecture. To spot the nicest buildings, you can follow the suggestions highlighted in one of the 12 villages maps with short comments, or wander randomly, getting lost in the alleys. The towns are small, and you’ll likely soon be back where you started.

Unless you make a very long pause, you’ll reach the village at the end of the daily leg sometime in the afternoon, early enough for a little pampering. Many hotels have a Spa, and some of them even offer treatments using cosmetics produced with organically farmed local ingredients.

Bezau, Hotel Post und Susanne Kaufmann SPA

You can then chill out on the terrace, sipping a glass of wine, a cold beer, or a cocktail before heading for dinner for a regional culinary experience at one of the gourmet restaurants of the Bregenzerwald.

The Bregenzerwald: culture and traditions shaped by wood

The four days hike starts in Hittisau, crosses more beautiful villages and ends in the charming town of Au.

The hiking trail goes through broad valleys, smooth and verdant rolling hills, beautiful forests and lovely villages. The scenery of the pre-alps is blissful and invites to walk at a slow pace, taking the time to look around, savoring the whispering breeze and the babbling of the flowing creeks.