Applicable models: REPLACEMENT REMOTE compatible with LiftMaster and Chamberlain 390Mhz billion code systems. GREEN LED LEARN LIGHT ONLY on the back of the motor.

For Sears Craftsman

139.53225 139.53645

139.53225SR 139.53645SRT1

139.53225SRT 139.53645SRT3

139.53325 139.53646

139.53325SRT 139.53646SRT1

139.53335SRT1 139.53646SRT2

139.53425 139.53648

139.53425SRT 139.53648SRT1

139.53636 139.53915SRT

139.53636SRT 139.53927SRT

139.53637 139.53960SRT

139.53637SRT 139.53970

139.53638SRT 139.53970SRT

139.53640 139.53971

139.53640SRT 139.53971SRT

139.53641 139.53973

139.53641SRT 139.53973SRT


41A4315-7B 41A4252-7G

41D4674-3C 41D4674-1G

41D4374-9C 41A4315-6B

41A4315-6D 41A4252-6G

41A4315-5 414252-12

41A4315-6C 41A4315-7E


1240 1245 1246 1250 1255

1256 1260 1270 1280 800AD 1200AD

1245GM 1255GM 1000SD 2000SD

Programming Instructions:

1. Locate the Smart/Learn button on your garage door opener (you will need a ladder).

2. Press and immediately release the learn button.

3. Press and hold the desired button (1,2,3 or 4) on the provided remote control.

4. Release the button when the garage door opener lights blink or two clicks are heard.

5. Your remote is now successfully programmed with your garage door opener.

Type: A(3 button), B(4 button), C(4 button)

Control board learning button color: green

Frequency: 390MHz

Weight: 50g

Size: 80 x 47mm/3.15 x 1.85" (A)

70 x 30mm/2.76 x 1.18" (B)

59 x 33mm/2.32 x 1.30" (C)

Package included:1 x Mini Garage Door Remote