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Here are a few things you could try to help fix short-term memory loss.


0:00 Short-term memory loss

0:15 What causes short-term memory loss?

2:45 How to help fix short-term memory loss

4:33 How to increase ketones

Today we’re going to talk about short-term memory loss. The symptom of memory loss has to do with the hippocampus.

A few things that can damage the hippocampus:

• Age

• Decreased oxygen

• Stress

• High glucose

• Vitamin B1 deficiency

• Vitamin D deficiency

• Zinc deficiency

The hippocampus is one of the only areas of the brain that can actually regenerate. But, you’re not going to be able to regenerate the hippocampus without feeding it ketones.

How to help fix short-term memory loss:

• Increase oxygen to the hippocampus (exercise or use hyperbaric oxygen therapy)

• Increase ketones

• Fasting

• Take vitamin D

• Consume foods high in zinc

• Take vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast)

• Decrease stress

How to increase ketones:

• Get on a low-carb diet (the healthy keto diet)

• Consume MCT oil

• Take exogenous ketones

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