Did you recognize taking a child pain killers 3 times a day can in fact boost your metabolic rate?

Or that chewing simply one item of nicotine gum forces your body to incinerate stored body fat?

The author shed 13 pounds of fat in a month.

So why did his approach get prohibited?

Those are just a couple of the suggestions disclosed inside a controversial weight loss manual.

Some take on hearts used this plan to rapidly drop 10, 20, also 30 pounds of fat in simply a couple of short weeks.

As a matter of fact, the author of this book created his handbook after going down 13 extra pounds and coming down to single-digit body fat in less than a month.

If you can get your hands on a duplicate of this book, you'll quickly see why it's so reliable. Unfortunately tracking down this publication is no easy job. That's since this publication is now ...