When I have First as well as 2nd with high degrees of stress and anxiety, it's unfortunate. The fad to start pressing our children academically even at the ages of 3-4 years just astounds me. Obviously, I recommend parents who work with their children at young ages to find out as well as grow. But that's various than "pushing" them more challenging and also more challenging and shaming them if they don't reach those requirements. Moms and dads, let's all aim to be not only age-appropriate in our expectations however also consider the maturation levels as well as emotional growth of our kids. There are early and late bloomers, and that's fine. B. Educate them to Loosen up: Again, we live in a society that urges "busyness". This pattern equates to our children as well. We must show our kids to be quiet and still without filling that time with computer game or work or "efficiency". It's fine to simply rest still or read a publication or be peaceful and also watch the sunset.