Attending Your First Yoga Class Yoga can be scary if it is new and you never attended previously. Remember, it is not about comparing yourself with others but about your own growth. If you are totally new to yoga, it may be hard to figure out what to take. The Benefits of Music for Yoga Yoga is a practice that combines both physical movements with meditative practices. The use of music for yoga helps to improve mental focus during meditation and reflection, as well as provide a tempo that can be followed to undertake free and flowing physical movement through the various yoga positions. Yoga – Its Benefits and Types Yoga is a type of meditation done to cleanse mind and soul. Yoga has a positive influence on one’s physical appearance and psychological behavior. How to Care for Your Joints With Yoga Exercises What does arthritis and yoga have in common? They are both as old as Egyptian mummies. Rich and poor alike suffer and spend lots to find a cure. Pain, stiffness and restricted movement may be alleviated with yoga. Here are 3 yoga exercises for the joints. Yoga Props, A Purchasing Guide There are many benefits to using Yoga props. Yoga Props enhance your routine by allowing deeper stretches, proper alignment and better balance. Choosing the right accessories will help you achieve optimum results. Yoga Poses As a Strategy to Prepare for Meditation Busy mind and restless body. These are the trials for the person learning how to meditate. It’s an old problem with an old yoga solution. You can use these two strategies and prepare the body and mind before formally learning how to meditate. Yoga – Its Philosophy and Practice Yoga is a path of self discipline. Beyond the personal physical and psychological benefits we aspire to becoming aware of our spiritual nature and our full human potential. This vital goal is shared with a profound love and respect for the natural world and the Universal Life that flows through all. Basically we begin Yogic practices with purification of body through hygiene, diet and respiration. As we aim to cleanse the inner physical body so we work to cleanse the psyche by eliminating bad psychological habits of all kinds. We practise relaxation in order to help the nervous system, and the mind to become free of stress.Self discipline is known as Sadhana and through the aid of our desired self image we are guided patiently towards self improvement and the human ideal. The Advantages of Using Yoga Supplies Yoga supplies are imp