Ayroll.ca - Duramax Woodbridge Plus 10.5' X 8', Beige/Brown, 241.8x318.7x222 cm http://ayroll.ca/News/duramax-woodbridge-plus-105039-x-8039-beigebrown-2418x3187x222-cm/ http://www.blogging.blogs4all.co.uk/landscape/duramax-woodbridge-plus-10-5-x-8-beige-brown-241-8x318-7x222-cm/ buy now £699.36 Vinyl construction resists corrosion and dents for lasting use Reinforced with metal inserted columns for rigidity and strength Vinyl roof with metal-reinforced roof support truss system holds over 20 lb. /Sq. Ft. Of snow Foundation kit included Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en