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Make your world bigger using these eye-opening Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses.Simply insert your smartphone into the glasses and immerse yourself in a virtual world with video clips in incredible 3D and 360 degree image panning.Virtual reality works by delivering a slightly different image to your right and left eye, tricking your brain into seeing depth within the image you are viewing. Virtual reality apps, like the Discovery Channel app, use motion sensors in smart phones to recalculate the images as you move. If you move your head to the right or left the screen will change, giving you the perception that the screen surrounds you and creating your very own virtual world.Compatible with most smartphones with screen sizes of 4.5.5" (Android & iPhone).Adjustable head strap for maximum comfort.Experience virtual simulations via content downloaded to your smartphone (an extensive range of free and inexpensive content is available to download from the Play Store and Apple App Store).Watch 3D videos from the web by searching "Side by Side 3D" on Youtube.The Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses: simply insert your phone and immerse yourself in a VR with video clips in incredible 3D and 360 degree image panning.