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It seems Dan Bilzerian is wanting to take a break from a life of luxury by enlisting in the army.

The notorious gambler and playboy is in Artsakh, Armenia, where he has met with the country’s human rights defender Ruben Melikyan.

Yesterday he posted a picture of him and Bilzerian on Facebook with the caption: ‘Communication seems to be a success.’

Earlier on Monday, Dan and his brother Adam had received Armenian passports in Yerevan.

They are both of Armenian descent thanks to their father and have said half of the Bilzerian family was killed during the nation’s infamous genocide.

According to the Military Commissariat’s representative, as per Arm Radio, Bilzerian also registered with Armenia’s Armed Forces.

According to law, every male citizen of the Republic of Armenia should register with the Armed Forces.

Seeing as though Bilzerian has spent most of his days living it up in the States, he missed out on such a law.

Flying to Armenia, then Thailand

— Dan Bilzerian (@DanBilzerian) August 25, 2018

He did enter the Navy SEAL training program in 2000; however, after several attempts, he did not graduate. He was reportedly dropped from the programme for a ‘safety violation on the shooting range’.

The last any of us heard about Bilzerian’s penchant for courage was when he went viral during last October’s Las Vegas mass shooting when a gunman opened fire on the public attending the Route 91 Harvest festival leaving 58 dead and a further 851 injured.

Dan Bilzerian, running from shooter at concert near Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, says “a girl just got shot in the f*cking head.” pic.twitter.com/FaS0VfeF7I

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) October 2, 2017

In the video, Bilzerian said:

This is so f****** crazy. I had to go grab a gun, I’m f***** heading back.

It’s so crazy, some kind of mass shooting. Guy had a heavy calibre weapon for sure.

Saw some girl get shot in the face right next to me, her brains f****** hanging out.

Besides that, he’s all scantily-clad women and poker. It’s not know whether he will be bringing his Stateside endeavours to Armenia.

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