During warm summer days and temperate spring afternoons, breaking out your casual wear is often first on your to-do list to give you more appropriate clothing to wear. This means wearing summer dresses, skirts, jeans and t-shirts that give you a laid back look while keeping you comfortable as the weather begins to warm back up. With these looks, flip flops and sandals are often the go-to choices, but with these DailyShoes Casual Loafers, you can achieve your favorite casual looks with more options for footwear than ever before. These DailyShoes Casual Loafers are simple to slip on shoes that allow you to step into and out of them with ease and without the need to use laces or ties to secure them to your foot. This is thanks to the elastic panel that is found on the side of the shoe, which will expand and shrink back up once your foot is inside to help make them more comfortable and snug-fitting. These shoes feature a comfortable and supportive insole that sits above the thick and durable outsole that is made out of heavy-duty rubber, a material that won't easily wear down with time. Stable traction on the bottom helps keep you on your feet even in wet weather no matter the terrain. •STEP OUT IN COMFORTABLE STYLE Versatile and cozy, these loafers make the perfect companion for casual attire of any type •STRETCHY ELASTIC PANEL The elastic panel on the side eliminates the need for any fastenings or ties and makes them simple to step into and out of DailyShoes Casual Loafers - Comfortable Slip On Shoes - Easy-On Elasticated Panels - Available in a Variety of Designs •HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION These loafers are fashioned out of premium materials sure to outlast many wears to come •THICK SUPPORTIVE SOLES Walk with stability on soil and concrete alike with their thick soles and sturdy traction •UNIQUE DESIGN STYLES Choose from basic solid colors to bold animal print and beyond These DailyShoes Casual Loafers are fashioned out of top quality materials that are sure to outlast many years of wear and come in your choice of styles and colors, giving you options from simple solid colors to bold animal prints.