Direct exposure therapy is one more beneficial technique to take care of panic assaults. In this type of therapy a risk-free atmosphere is created for the person where she or he is urged to reproduce the physical experience of the anxiety attack. As an example, the physician may ask the person to tremble their head side to side, hyperventilate or might ask him/her to hold the breath. While dealing with the fear in a regulated setup, clients are able to deal with it in a healthier method. There are numerous reasons that can trigger anxiety attack among individuals. Panic assaults can be triggered because of significant changes in a persons life, family background relevant to worry attacks or some medical conditions. Panic assaults can likewise get caused as a result of major stresses in life such as loss of a work, death in a family, or separation. Lack of breath, numbness, physical detachment from the surroundings, nausea or vomiting, sweating, upper body, and lightheadedness discomfort, hot or cold flashes can be brought on by anxiety attack. A sensation of passing away may additionally be experienced if an individual is dealing with a panic strike.