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The paint may well look like a good match from the tin, but after a couple of seasons weathering the patched paintwork will stick out like a sore thumb. Contact the manufacturer and ask for advice on making repairs to their product. Before you start laying the roofing sheets check that the roof is square. If the roof is not square you can still achieve a good finish if you even out the difference, between the two barges. The difference will then be less noticeable

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as it will be covered by the barge flashing. Run a string line along the eaves, 50mm into the gutter and it will provide you with a straight edge for the roofing sheets. On completion, it's important to clear the roof of any loose swarf. Tiny particles of iron left on the roof will rust and ruin the surface. A soft brush will do the job or ideally, a leaf blower can be used.

A well-installed corrugated iron roof will give years of maintenance-free service. If you take a little extra care with the preparation and fixing, you will achieve a superior finish. Roofing materials prices have skyrocketed just like every other commodity in today's economy. Don't despair. Doing some research before purchasing your roofing materials will save you money. A new roof is an expensive proposition whether it is your DIY project or you hire the work done professionally. There are a few simple steps to follow that will end up saving you some money, especially when it comes to the roofing materials prices.

Roofing has been an essential part of any man-made structure since the days of ancient Rome. Roofing that was used in those days were curved connectors with flat ceramic sheets for weatherproofing on most structures. The Spanish use a similar roof even today. History shows that roofing that started out being ceramic has evolved through many stages from straw to wood to metal and now today's asphalt shingles. Before making a purchase of your roofing materials you will need to get either a roof estimate or compare the index of the materials available from your local sources.

While there are plenty of solid patio roofing materials available, your final decision on a patio roof will depend on a number of factors. If, for instance, your patio is simply a home addition, you will almost certainly want some patio roofing which mirrors the style of your house's roof. But

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if you plan to build