Did you know you can get a cash loan from using your Bitcoin as collateral? And if you pay it off you can get your Bitcoin back without ever having to sell it? There are some very unique benefits of why you’d want to do this. To avoid a taxable event, to enjoy some of your profits but not miss out on any potential upside, to take that cash and buy even more Bitcoin (margin trade)...there’s so much more! I used to be scared about Bitcoin loans but after diving in and doing my research it’s not so scary anymore. Specifically with BlockFi, their Bitcoin loan product is top notch and many of my friends have personally used it before. So if you’ve been wondering about Bitcoin loans or actively looking to get one, then this video is made for you, hope you find it valuable and useful!

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0:00 Intro

1:33 Loans explained

3:03 What are Bitcoin loans?

3:45 5 reasons to get one

5:24 Potential risks you should know

6:01 BlockFi loans in a nutshell

6:41 How BlockFi process works

8:10 My final thoughts

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