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In order to make this party game, we spent months pouring over every popular internet search known to man - even that one you typed in at 2am last weekend, you dirty thing. What we were left with as 160 cards, each containing a shockingly strange (yet very real) internet search. Now it's time for you to grab your friends, split into teams and second-guess exactly how weird the human race can get. In order to excel in this party game, you'll have to take on questions about all sorts of stuff: from memes to dinosaurs, pet frogs to sumo wrestlers. As you can tell, a lot of these searches can get pretty weird... so it doesn't hurt to have a few weird friends on your team alongside you!PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: We looked through the internet and collected a load of totally-genuine, totally-weird web searches. So we decided to make a party game out of it.
THINK LIKE A HUMAN: Each round, you'll hear the first half of an internet search, like 'Did dinosaurs...'. It's your job to try and figure out what came next.
DID DINOSAURS GO TO HEAVEN?: The higher your answers rank, the more points you'll score for you and your team - so don't be afraid to think a little weird.
EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: A party game for adults and teenagers, this one takes about 2 minutes to learn and 20 to play. Recommended for 3+ players and ages 14+ .
WHAT PEOPLE SAID: 'For once you'll be glad you didn't delete your internet history!' - @TabletopMag