- So what is the best external hard drive and storage setups for your video files, your photos and all the data that comes with creating videos on YouTube, we're gonna talk about that in this video. (camera snapping) Hey what's up guys, Sean here, with Think Media TV. Helping you go further, faster in media. On this channel we do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews and tips and Q & A videos, just like this one. So if you're new here, consider subscribing. Tivon asks, "What are the best practices for storage "on your computer? "I have a MacBook and the videos take up so much space. "Help." Great question, Tivon. Now, as a disclaimer, I might not be the best person to actually really answer this question, I do have some solutions, I've got some tips, but I'm kind of a hot mess and I'm in the process of figuring all of this stuff out. So my number one, really tip, is external hard drives. And that's what I use and my main setup is these three like four terabyte, Western Digital hard drives.

Now these things are super solid, I've never had a problem with them. They are awesome and they been working for me great. Then I also use hard drives on the road. I use a portable, like a Passport Western Digital, then I also use a Toshiba and all of them have been crushing it for me. Another tip when it comes to just storing your video files, I mean eventually, yes, you need external hard drives cause they're gonna be bigger than the space on your computer or on your laptop, is LaCie hard drives. Benji from Video Influencers and his wife Judy, they vlog and they store their footage cause they might want to use it for in the future, so they use these rugged LaCie hard drives.

So I'll link up all the stuff that I use in the description below, as well as those LaCies so you can check those out. Which is nice, right, cause you don't want to drop it and have it, if you're on the road, if you're on the go, you're vlogging, you want to make sure your data is protected. I don't really do client work anymore and so when I did it was critical that I had a really solid backup solution in case there was like some missing critical footage from a client that's not gonna pay me until, you know, that work is delivered. But at this point I usually keep my footage on SD cards until the project is complete and then once it's online, I feel pretty good with it. because if it's like a talking head video like this one or something, I want to make sure that the project gets done so I keep it on the SD card, load it onto the external hard drive, edit all the footage, get that on YouTube and then pretty much let this footage go, right, it's not super important.

If it is important then I make sure that there is some redundancy. So a huge question that you want to ask is how long do you want to keep your footage? Like I mentioned Benji and Judy, they are keeping that footage archived on hard drives and they are making sure those are labeled and then they've got all of those. How important is your footage and how long do you want to keep it? That's one question to ask, if it's not that important, you know, you might be able to delete it once the video goes live on YouTube or once you get it published with the world, maybe you want to keep that high quality footage, you have to answer that question. Another question you should ask, is how fast do you want your workflow to go? And so they use the Thunderbolt versions of the LaCies in you know, unison with a Mac to have fast editing.

And the speed of the drives and the speed of, you definitely want USB 3.0. You know, it's definitely gonna matter cause everything when it comes to video editing is all about speed. Now an interesting thing if we want to get a little bit technical to speed up your workflow is I edit on a PC and my operating system is on a SSD drive and the software runs on an SSD drive. I have an internal hard drive that all your cached files, all your cached data files for editing is on, and then the footage is on the external hard drives. So not to get to technical but anybody you know if you're watching this video, you want to speed up your workflow, having that separated by three things is powerful. What I mean is you've got a drive where your software runs from. You've got a drive where you go into your Adobe Premier or your Final Cut and you say where the temp. files are gonna be, the media cache gonna be, you put that on a separate drive and then you put your video files on a separate drive, that will speed up your editing.

So when you're thinking about video editing, think about you know how fast is the drive? How fast is the connection, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, or whatever else. And making sure that's not bottle-necking and slowing down your editing. And then lastly I am definitely thinking about this question right now and thinking about investing in a ridiculously expensive NAS, network area storage, you know I'm looking at like 10 or 20 terabytes, with like a RAID backup and it's just crazy, these things cost, you know, a couple thousand dollars and so that's sort of what I'm thinking right now. But that brings me to the question of the day. What are your best tips and best practices for storing your video files? For storing all the data that comes with media, post those in the comments section below and remember that some of the best tips and advice comes from you, the Think Media TV community.

There's probably a lot of people in this community that have some more organized and streamlined workflows than even I myself. So definitely check those out in the comments section. So thanks so much for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for more videos just like this and if you haven't downloaded the Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer's Guide, you can grab that totally for free. I go though the best cameras, lighting and microphones for every budget, I'll link it up on the YouTube card and in the description below. Until next time, Think Media TV is helping you go further, faster in media, keep crushing it and we will talk soon. And video's take up so much space, help! Great question, Tivon, now I might not be the best person-- (electronic beeping)
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