The Best Automated Link Building Tools For 2019 And The Dangers Using Them.


Consistent traffic generation is EVERYTHING when it comes to online business success.

Sure, other pieces of your online puzzle have to be put in place as well. You’ll need great content, a smartly designed funnel, and a sales process that has – and continues to be – optimised to improve your conversion rates if you’ll have any chance at success.
But without a flood of targeted traffic push into your funnels, moved to your money sites, and replenishing your leads you’ll always be one misstep away from a catastrophic failure.
The kind of catastrophic failure that cripples your online business a whole lot faster than you ever thought possible.
And while there are plenty of “gurus” out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to figuring out traffic gen, most people agree that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still the King of the Ring when it comes to getting eyeballs on your money sites.
But cracking the SEO code isn’t all that easy, either.

Google and all of the other major search engine networks consistently move the goalposts when it comes to search engine optimisation. Every SEO algorithm update reshuffles the deck, prioritising certain SEO strategies while cutting the legs out from underneath previously prioritised elements.
It’s enough to make any SEO strategist or savvy marketer pull their hair out.

Thankfully though, the “Gold Standard” of search engine optimisation – link building – remains powerfully effective.
Back-links are always going to be valuable, as each and every link from any other site on the web today back to your site is going to be seen as a vote of confidence. These links provide a lot of “link juice”, give you a lot of influence, and help you cruise right up to the top of search engine rankings a lot more consistently than maybe any other SEO approach.

But building them (and the relationships with each individual site or platform owner to get them) can be as slow and as monotonous as watching paint dry.
And that’s what gave rise to the popularity of automated link building tools.


This Stinks – Let the Robots Do It all!

It didn’t take long for savvy entrepreneurs to discover that building out backlinks was a major pain in the you know what, and that having to go through the slow, monotonous process of generating these links all on their own was never going to scale.

At the same time, the sa